So About Herr Goebbels
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2021-04-10 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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So About Herr Goebbels
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You do know who he was, right?

Minister of propaganda, Nazi Germany 1933 - 1945 and one of Hitler's most-trusted associates.

Today we don't need a "minster", we just need and have media organs that declare facts to be out-of-bounds.  For example, put together a Youtube video using only the facts published on epidemic curves in different states and counties which conclusively show that mask mandates do nothing and it will be removed.  It does not matter who produced it.  It does not matter if it's a governor's panel that is in question -- it will be removed.

Give sworn testimony before the US Senate that there is evidence that a drug works for a specific disease and it will be removed.  On the other hand give perjured, that is, proved false statements before Congress that masks are better than a vaccine and it will be retained and even promoted.

It has been forensically established that the "laptop" in question was Hunter Biden's.  Never mind the signature on the repair order, which happens to match his signature on form 4473 to buy a handgun.  They're visibly identical.  While someone can, with practice, copy one another's signature the odds of two people who have no existing base of knowledge, such as a signature card, to practice from producing signatures that look identical to the naked eye is statistically zero.

Said diverse, not known to be connected events at the time they occur is, as is often said, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yet there is evidence of felonies in both cases -- in one, underage girls in Hunter's naked presence, and in the other, a rank lie on said form 4473 that the applicant is not a user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance during the exact period in time during which said person has admitted in writing in their own book that they indeed were addicted to a controlled substance, never mind a crack pipe being found in a rental car along with said person's ID roughly contemporary with that event and a photo of an obviously-stoned Hunter (a crack pipe hanging out of your mouth as you lay unconscious is pretty solid evidence that you were quite-seriously stoned) being taken a week prior.

Then we have Governor Witless in Michigan who not only sent infected persons into nursing homes she continues to medically experiment on her constituents and kill them with her mandates, and is currently seeing the results in the form of disease and death while Texas, Florida and other states dropped their mandates and saw their case, hospitalization and death rates fall like a stone.

Meanwhile the CDC has declared a new "public health threat" -- this one being racism.  Really?  Racism is now an actual disease?

Herr Goebbels was a piker.

Oh, when it coms to hate crimes against Asians, guess who commits most of them?  Don't say it; you'll get "canceled" or Burn, Loot and Murder might show up and attack you.

Biden lied about "gun control", citing Kentucky that passed state laws on guns shortly after being admitted into the union.  True.  But there was no federal law on guns, and in fact federally the government encouraged the private ownership of ships of war including cannon and private ownership of various arms of all sorts, including what were at the time field artillery!  After all it was precisely with said arms that we expelled the British Regulars.

What Biden conveniently leaves out is that prior to the 14th Amendment the States did not have the Constitution incorporated against their legal codes.  The 14th Amendment did so as a means of redressing the situations arising before and after the Civil War related to black people and state laws targeting people based on race.  Post the 14th Amendment the entirety of the Constitution is indeed incorporated against State and local governments.

Then again Biden has a documented history of being a screaming racist in his career in government, having authored, sponsored and voted for multiple bills targeted at black people.  He in fact sponsored a bill blocking school desegregation.  Why?  Because he was white and so were his constituents who didn't want all those "coloreds" in their schools!  No bull**** folks, yet you allow that ******* to lecture people about race?  May I remind you that you just did let him screw black people again by endorsing and encouraging MLB moving the All Star game from Atlanta, a majority black city to Denver where only 10% of the population is black!

Biden not only was a racist prick he still is.

Miller was argued in the Supreme Court based on flat-out lies, that is, perjury by the US Federal Government.  That's not supposition, it's proved.  The Government argued that a short-barrel shotgun was not a "militia weapon" after having purchased thousands of them for trench warfare in WWI.  Miller, having been bankrupted before the case got there, was effectively unrepresented.

But note the premise of that case: Any "militia weapon", that is, one used by the infantry, National Guard or other militia, organized or not, is by definition entitled to Second Amendment protection by the US Government's own admission.

Can the government change that with a law?  No, because the Constitution and its amendments are the supreme law of the land.  To change that status legitimately you must pass an Amendment to the Constitution which modified the Second Amendment.  Short of that no pronouncement by a black-robed bastard, no matter who it is, nor any legislature, stands as legitimate especially given that the US Government itselfin the case of first impression before the Supremes on firearms stated that their entire premise for banning a weapon was that it was not a weapon suitable for militia use.

But does the Goebbels media -- or anyone else -- point this out?


How many of you are hiding under your desk right now as a result of government, pharma and big tech propaganda on Covid-19?  Many of you.

What's the latest?  The argument that taking a Covid-19 vaccine which the government explicitly states is not approved or licensed nor will the studies required to do so be completed for another two years is patriotic!

What sort of bull**** is that?  You take a vaccine to protect your own person from disease -- and for no other reason, ever.  It's your ass, after all, not someone else's and everyone else can make that judgement for themselves as well.  Do you have an obligation to protect yourself?  Get back to me on that when you're ready to let me choose what you can put in your shopping cart, how many beers you can have at the local pub, whether or not you choose to exercise or whether you can buy cigarettes at all.  Never mind all the states in which you can buy all the marijuana you care to smoke and which was considered a protected right during a pandemic. Leaving aside the drug angle there is no such thing as "safe" when one is intentionally inhaling smoke irrespective of what you are smoking!  If in your opinion a particular shot is unsafe or simply unwarranted given the disease in question's profile and your likely personal risk from contracting it then you should definitely not take said shot, especially when the government has exempted the makers from liability irrespective of cause including negligence.

How many lies do they get and why do you respond to and put up with them?

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