I'm Joe Biden And I Want....
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2021-04-09 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 285 references Ignore this thread
I'm Joe Biden And I Want....
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.... you dead!

So he says with his "gun control" E/O nonsense.

Biden is asking that the Justice Department, within a month, propose a rule to stop "ghost guns," which are "kits" people can buy legally then fully assemble to create a functioning firearm that does not have a serial number. 

Biden is also asking the DOJ within 60 days to propose a rule on braces used for handguns, which make them more accurate; proposing action on "community violence intervention"; asking the DOJ to publish suggestions for "red flag" legislation; and having his administration issue a report on gun trafficking. 

So how many "ghost guns" which are not stolen, that is, the felon buys said pieces and makes the gun, are used in crimes?

Almost none.  How about pistol braces?  Have you ever seen one used in a significant crime?  I haven't -- until this last month or so.  But banning those is a loser; witness that Trump banned bump stocks and lost in court.  Note that the government has not appealed that loss.  Any guesses why?  (Hint: They know damn well they'll just lose again at the USSC, at which point they're ****ed and done in that a lot of BATFE "rulings" may well go up in smoke.)  Specifically that decision voided the doctrine of Chevron deference in all criminal matters.  Needless to say a hell of a lot of BATFE "interpretations" lay there and since gun violations are nearly always criminal matters letting that out of the bag is a road down which Biden does not wish to travel.

But this also deliberately ignores the elephant in the room: When it comes to criminal homicides who shoots whom, and with what?

Take HeyJackass, the "unofficial" chronicle of people shooting each other in Chicago.  So far, 152 shot and killed, and 830 shot overall.  That's a lot of people getting shot for one city.

For Hole-y weekend it was 33 shot and wounded, 8 dead.

Someone gets shot and killed every 15 hours, approximately, in ****Cago.

So far only three of those dead were shot by cops; I think we can assume most of those shot by cops deserved it. Perhaps not all, but that's a tiny number.  Ok, it's not cops shooting people.

Zero self-defensive killings thus far, and four wounded.  Ok, that's not how it's happening either.

Race?  Well now, let's see.  83% of the time..... Black.  Another 12.2% Hispanic.  The so-called (and mythical) white supremacist accounts for just 4.4% and that includes everyone else too (e.g. asians.)

Oh by the way while blacks do (and are shot in) 83% of the killing with guns they are only 29% of the population.  Whites in Chicago are 33% of the population yet are only responsible for 4% of the murders.  Do we have a gun problem or a people problem and what's the common link?  Is it the same common link to who Biden screwed up the ass in cheering on MLB moving the All Star game?

Sex?  Dudes do the dying, and usually do the shooting too, by a 6:1 ratio.

Mass-shootings, defined as "four or more victims"?  Only three times did that happen this year thus far in Chicago and only three of the victims died.  Hmmm.... doesn't sound to me like "mass shooting" is a problem eh?   Not nearly so much as "hood rat" shootings eh?

So let's see what the FBI says on a national basis....

Why the FBI says that just 364 murders across the entire nation in 2019 were committed with rifles and certainly all those evil black ones would not be a "firearm, not stated."  By the way you're about twice as likely to be killed with personal weapons (hands, feet, fists, etc) as a rifle.  You're nearly five times as likely to be killed with a knife.  And of course there are handguns, which are used in lots and lots of murders.  Again there's no evidence behind Biden's claims; in fact the evidence runs the other way.

Offender and victim race by the FBI when known?  Black, more than any other.  Considering that black people are ~13% of the population that's wildly over-represented.

Again, Biden hates black people.  He's already shown it with his MLB bs, now he's doing it again.

As for whether Amendments are absolute Joe is dead wrong because The Constitution and Amendments are not a grant of "privileges" by the government.  To the contrary; they are a list of prohibitions against the government because rights do not come from government, they come from being human.

So Joe doesn't believe you're human either.

Should we, the people reciprocate?

And speaking of gun laws, its illegal to lie on a 4473, the infamous ATF "yellow form."  It certainly appears Hunter Biden did; specifically, he checked the box saying he did not use nor was he addicted to any controlled substances when in fact that was right in the middle of his self-admitted, in public, drug addiction.  That's a felony; is he in jail?

As usual Joe, as with all politicians, is taking 5% of a problem and claiming he can "fix the whole thing" with that 5% -- or make a statistically significant difference.

Even if he got what he wants and what he does it will do nothing, statistically-speaking.

But what it will do is further cement that jackass as a screaming racist, along with Kneepads Harris, both of whom have demonstrated repeatedly that they hate black people.

Still happy you voted for them?

PS: Shall not be infringed is not complicated and means what it says. If you think it should say something else pass an Amendment. Until you can and do it's the highest law of the land whether you like it or not.

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