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User Info So You Want To Believe The So-Called 'Experts'?; entered at 2021-03-27 14:51:13
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Registered: 2014-09-09 New Hampshire

Really appreciate the hard work you are doing for the good of this nation. Since I discovered your site back in 2007, its been eye opening to say the least.

My 8 year son had a virus in early Feb 2020 after a one day visit to Boston. He was leveled for 4 days eating little and dropped weight. The doctors simply told us it was viral and he needed rest and water. I'm convinced it was Covid. No one else in the family had symptoms.

Recently, I was at a ski area with my two kids attempting to get on a chair lift when a mask nazi demanded to see whether I was wearing a mask under my ski mask. I kept insisting I was wearing a mask but this Karen wanted me to pull down my mask to see if I had a mask on under my ski mask. i refused and held everyone up from getting on the lift. People were cursing me out in front of my kids. I laid into them and called them good little Nazis and finally left the line and went to another lift. Where I was approached by the manager of the Mountain who said these were the policies I agreed to when I bought the ticket. I proceeded to lay into him because I bought my season passes in November 2020 and there was no discussion about double masks. I demanded that I get all of my money back for the 3 seasons passes I purchased when he decided I wasn't an idiot and suggested i speak to the GM of the resort about that. He left me alone and we had a great day of skiing and saw multiple employees not wearing masks throughout the day. So sick of the sheeple.
2021-03-27 14:51:13