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User Info So You Want To Believe The So-Called 'Experts'?; entered at 2021-03-27 10:59:34
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Phase 3 Safety trials don't conclude until January 2023. Successfully passing the Phase 3 trials is required before the vaccine can be licensed per statutory and regulatory requirements.

Of course those statutes and regulations can be changed by Congress at any time, but for the moment it appears that 2023 is the earliest to expect a licensing decision, and only then if the data show no safety concerns.,%20bl.... short flyer version longer legalese version

Interstingly, the flyer linked above says that ongoing review of VAERS data is part of the safety process. We'll see how the bureaucrats manage to overlook the significantly higher number of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines compared to the already approved flu shots when the time comes to decide on licensing.

2021-03-27 10:59:34