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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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To illustrate his point, he went on to say he'd be supportive of a policy prohibiting entry to those who haven't vaccinated to a planned city concert later this year. "I want society to make distinctions between (vaccinators and non-vaccinators) if that keeps my loved ones who are compromised in certain ways and have chosen to get the vaccine as safe as they can be from this deadly disease," Scott wrote.

If the vax prevents you from getting the Coof from others, WTF do you care if others are vaxxed?

If it doesn't prevent you from getting the Coof from others, why in TF are we promoting the vax?

Dios Mio! Do these retards even bother to listen to themselves?

hint: it's not about your health.

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2021-02-15 22:21:03