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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info Call It What It Is: TERRORISM; entered at 2021-02-15 10:47:22
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Registered: 2013-02-13 The Land That Was
America, is completely unrecognizable from just a year ago.

Everyone assumed the scamdemic, would go away, once Joe & Ho got into office.

It has not, they are escalating the fear, political pressure, and threats of cutting off an entire state, financially, and medically.

You are right it is terrorism.

It does not appear that the changes are going to get better. It is going to get much worse going forward the PTB, know, that the populace will follow, any and all dictates.

Bring on the boxcars.
2021-02-15 10:47:22