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User Info The People Should Be Skeptical; entered at 2021-02-12 12:47:26
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@badatusernames - one possible cause for the higher Covid vaccine deaths could be the simple fact that it does not take much to finish off someone who is old and frail. My father-in-law is 88, when it comes to comorbidities it is easier to say he never had cancer because he has just about anything else you think of. My wife the pharmacist is well aware of the side effects and death rate from the vaccine.

When discussing whether her father should get the vaccine, we are taking into account that it could very well result in his death. If he gets covid and is not immune to it, he is dead. If he gets the vaccine, it could kill him (great choice here). When healthy people are getting knocked on their asses for several days after the vaccine, no surprise an old and frail person dies from it.
2021-02-12 12:47:26