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User Info The People Should Be Skeptical; entered at 2021-02-12 12:06:16
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Registered: 2009-03-05 Sunny UK
@Flap - Not necessarily true on the planets front. Start thinking of other orbital bodies and there's at least one potential in Europa, and potentially one or more of the other moons orbiting Saturn/Jupier.

As for other solar systems... eh, warp travel is theorised as being possible, IF we can work out the energy requirements, which is where the main problem lies. Fusion ain't going to cut it, and we're still a LONG way off even managing that much.

Suspended animation/cryo freezing is also a possibility for sleeper ships, or the other alternative over the long term is generation ships. But they still come back to the same fundamental problems of figuring out how to survive that long in space (radiation build-up, breakdowns, general maintenance, illness, gravity and bone mass, etc).

So while the means are potentially there, given time and maybe a few technological breakthroughs... yeah, you're probably right that we're stuck here.

Maybe if we killed all the politicians and media *******s who keep fanning the flames of division and actually started working together as a species for once, we'd have a chance.

I don't see that happening *shrug*

And let's be brutally honest here, after all we've seen of humanity's stupidity in just the last year, do we WANT to spread that crap to elsewhere in the galaxy? Heh.
2021-02-12 12:06:16