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User Info The People Should Be Skeptical; entered at 2021-02-12 10:45:54
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@Badatusernames - As a matter of policy every person who resides in a LTCF gets the flu vaccine every year. They do it for good reason; it IS safe and those people are at WILDLY elevated risk from the flu compared with healthy adults.

You CAN opt out (I've had two relatives in said facilities in my lifetime) but unless the resident or their responsible party (if they have a medical power of attorney and are incompetent themselves) affirmatively does so every one of them gets the shot every year, usually in September or early October.

Ever time.

Yet THIS year only 20 deaths were associated with (not proved to be caused by) said shots.

I NEVER get the flu shot because the DATA is that repeated vaccination against the flu causes it to lose effectiveness, and I'm not materially at risk. I might want to take the shot when I'm 80, and I'd prefer it ACTUALLY WORK at full strength rather than be attenuated in its effectiveness due to my unwarranted use of it earlier in life.

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2021-02-12 10:45:54