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User Info A Series of Questions, Vis-a-Vis Covid-19; entered at 2021-02-01 12:56:52
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Drifter and Tsherry -- it is not only that these dysfunctional immigrant ghettos are close quarter living situations with perhaps less optimal hygiene. One would wager that the welfare culture has a lot of pre and actual diabetes and obesity along with sub-optimal diet in general. It would be interesting to see COVID-19 cases and poor infection outcomes as a percentage of the Medicaid and SNAP programs and other related welfare. There is probably a strong correlation which might explain places like NYC and similar.

Go into any welfare predominant community regardless of race and ethnicity and one will see medical problem from A to Z as well as obvious indicators of poor health.

Sad to say, and i have written it here before, to fix the cultural dysfunction from years of welfare it might be necessary for some communities to be placed under a custodial situation where lots of rights do not exist unless and until we help the people unlearn the poor habits bred into them over the past sixty years.

Old line: you break it, you bought it.
2021-02-01 12:56:52