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2021-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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The Political Theater Maniacs
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So once again we hear impeachment!

Oh, and removing Representatives who objected to the Electoral Votes from several states.

This doesn't ordinarily happen, right?  Indeed, NBC News (among others) has called those objections all manner of wild names.

But wait.... what happened in January of 2017?

Eleven objections were raised by....Democrats!

Joe Biden gaveled those objections down because no Senator had signed them.  Which means the Democrats who did so knew they were not entitled to raise said objections but did it anyway.

The charge?

“The electors were not lawfully certified, especially given the confirmed and illegal activities engaged by the government of Russia,” McGovern said."

Oh, you mean...... the election was stolen by the Russians?

Except... it wasn't.

How about Jamie Raskin and Florida?

"They violated Florida’s prohibition against dual office holders,” Raskin said.

Or Georgia and Pramila Jayapal?

Or Barbara Lee -- and Michigan?

Or Sheila Lee Jackson and Texas?

Raul Grijalva and North Carolina?

Jackson again after Raul was gaveled down?

And again with South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming?

And with one final attempt clearly out of order as it had no state-specific status at all, who else but the ridiculously stupid Maxine Waters.

So can we cut the bull**** folks?  Democrats attempting to remove Senators and Representatives or otherwise sanction them in any way for the very act they themselves took four years previous is an open act of sedition and a direct violation of the Constitution.

In other words SHUT THE **** UP.

Oh, and if you're a corporation who is buying into this bull****?


Indeed it is incumbent upon all of the State Legislatures controlled by Republicans to bar as a matter of public policy all business with every one of these firms and financially endeavor to destroy each and every one of them.  Why?  Because the double-standard is clear, convincing and evident by the actual record; exactly none took any such action after the 2016 elections despite nearly four years of intentional false claims of Russian control of and interference with our election process, a damnable and intentional lie by the Democrat party raised repeatedly by Nancy "****youbitch" Pelosi HERSELF.

Can a corporation have a preference?  Sure.  Free speech and all.

But States should not spend a nickel of public funds with corporations that operate in such a blatantly partisan and dishonest manner, nor give any sort of state money to such firms.  Ever.  Period.  After all, that state money is equally extracted by force from the members of the opposing political party.  States should be very public about how they do this, ensconcing it in actual statute forbidding the expenditure of public funds with or to any organization that expresses such political preference ever, irrespective of for which side they do so.

Now let's talk about some other acts of political theater.

Impeachment, for one.

It's Constitutionally impossible to accomplish the alleged "goal" Pelosi has announced -- to prevent Trump from running again.


Because the Constitution is clear; the entire and only purpose of impeachment is to remove you from office.  To be removed from an office you must hold the office.  At 12:01 January 20th, Trump is no longer President; he no longer holds the office.  Therefore The Senate cannot try an impeachment beyond 12:01 January 20th -- the highest law of the land prohibits it.

To take the second vote to bar him from future office you must first sustain the primary vote which you can't take as soon as the clock strikes Noon on January 20th.

Yes, I know there's one alleged precedent for this which has no actual "all the way through" history.  You can bet it will be challenged in court if attempted and I bet The House's impeachment managers lose on that challenge too.  The Constitution is clear; this is not a political question, it is a question of the black letters found in the highest law of the land.

McConnell has, by unanimous consent, put the Senate into pro-forma status until the 19th.  To exit that status requires unanimous consent of all ONE HUNDRED Senators.  You will not get that; one objection is sufficient to block returning to ordinary session by other than both leaders invocation of that which doesn't exist (exigent circumstance.)  Without it the timelines for transmission, acceptance and the required posting period before the Senate can organize and take up said impeachment it is not possible for the Senate to consider and vote upon any bill of Impeachment sent over by the House prior to 12:01 January 20th.

Nancy Pelosi knows this.  She knew it before the measure was drafted, introduced and voted upon.  She didn't get what she wanted by asking Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment so like a screaming 2 year old denied a candy bar she did this.

The entire "impeachment" push is a political stunt aimed at appeasement of the radical, arsonist, rioting left that in fact HAS burned, looted and rioted hundreds of times over the last 12 months -- and nothing more.  It is not a serious political inquiry or action because it cannot be by the Constitution itself and Pelosi and the rest of her "leadership" know it.

What's even better is the optics the Democrats and Republicans have put forward on inauguration by putting more troops in DC, openly armed and in uniform, that we have in Afghanistan.  Our Government's "transfer of power" now looks like something out of North Korea, China or Russia.  If you think that is an image that will be forgotten by the majority of Americans you need to have your lithium dose substantially increased.  There's ordinary stupid and then there's suck-start a shotgun stupid.

The timeline already proves Trump couldn't have "incited" the action as it began before you could get there from his speech.  We'll get more information on that in the fullness of time and there is likely to be plenty of egg to go around for the media and Democrats' faces.

Can the Democrats attempt some or all of their insanity in terms of agenda?  Sure.  But were I Nancy I'd beware even an attempt beyond introducing this or that for theatric comedy aimed at their "base" in terms of actual legislative action, and ditto for Schumer.  For example Schumer could try to eliminate the filibuster for legislation.  However there are two Trump Supreme Court Justices on the bench because Reid eliminated the filibuster originally for nominees.

Once that sort of thing is done it cannot be un-done easily, if ever.  It certainly will not be un-done when the Democrats lose the Senate in the future; instead the Republicans will exploit their stupidity and ram through any Republican legislation they desire to pass.

You'd think people would learn from mistakes but that's the difference between ignorance and stupidity.  The latter is not fixable; it only goes away in any particular person when that individual expires.

Now contemplate this -- in the states that were contested they have majority Republican legislatures.  Re-districting for the House happens this year, before the midterms, as the Census was held in 2020.  The Republicans control redistricting in those states and there is nothing the Democrats can do about it.  They will of course sue and bitch like crazy (and might riot too; after all they have for the last four years) but in the end all of that is a waste of time; they will lose as they simply do not have the majority in those state legislatures.  In addition despite Biden winning the Presidency the Democrats lost several US House seats which is a very strong warning to the left side of the aisle that radical actions are likely to backfire in a big way even among those who voted for Biden.

In other words a huge percentage of the so-called "Democrat" vote wasn't Democrat at all; it was simply a vote against Trump.  The more lunatic the Democrats become the larger that shift will become; all the "Squad", "Green New Deal", "you're racist if you're white and must denounce your whiteness"  and similar crap in fact cost them seats.

It is a near-certainty that in two years the House will go Republican no matter what the Democrats do.  That's history whether the left likes it or not, just as it was when Trump came to town.  This is Nancy's last term with the gavel and, if she tries to go insane with a legislative agenda she will simply drive the numbers further against the Democrats in two years.  She has no winning position on actual legislation in that while she can pass things she cannot bar any subsequent Congress from reversing them and her party is nearly certain to lose in two years; we are only talking about how badly they lose and every radical agenda item they introduce and debate, say much less pass, the Democrat party pisses away more House seats.

The Senate is also a problem for the left because the two Georgia seats both must run in two years, having not had any time to accumulate a legislative record or money.  And unlike the special elections this time there are others on the ballot so they will not have all the oxygen in the room as they did this time around -- and it was quite close this time.

Biden and Harris have one year, approximately, to execute any sort of legislative agenda before the midterms and campaign ads start to impinge.  Any sort of insanity coming out of Congress -- like gun registration, "Green New Deals" and similar -- runs the very real risk of not only failing but turning the last two years of their administration into a toxic wasteland including the possibility of an impeachment of both of them.  (The latter, by the way, would in my view be quite ill-advised; a simple cockblock by the House and Senate of anything the White House wishes to do is more than sufficient and better from an electoral perspective.)

To those of you who believe that insanity is about to rule the land -- or the crazies on the left salivating at the opportunity -- I say "go ahead and try it; such actions are nothing more than sticking your own gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger to check if there's a round in the chamber."  Oh, the woke patrol is out in corporate America right now, but that's hardly new either.  They smelled blood with Trump and are trying to capitalize on it.  The danger presented by those actions to the firms involved is existential, especially if the Republican-led states revolt against government spending with said firms, and they damn well should and indeed have a duty to do so, given the clear record of electoral objections just four years ago, never mind the ginned-up and fraudulent impeachment and other abuses.  If these firms believe that they're in "The Party" (see my previous Ticker on Communism for that) they take grave risk as most of these firms have broken plenty of laws including criminal felony statutes within the Statute of Limitations as well.

You can go ask Trump in a few months how that sort of thing worked out for him and his family pulling political stunts instead of going "all in" on what he claimed he believed but they odds are good you will need to interview him from behind bars.  I give him to the end of February before he is indicted in State court from which he cannot be pardoned, prospectively or otherwise.

Go stock up on toilet paper and similar if you wish along with running craziness akin to the movie Zombieland.  I'll take the under on that bet; if the nation blows sky high my money is on Medicare being the cause of it or a widespread ADE or autoimmune problem with the Covid vaccines.  As I've pointed out now for more than 20 years the insanity of the government enabling monopolists in health care has a "use by" date and it is rapidly approaching.  What we stupidly did with "Warp Speed" has an unknown risk profile on the bad side with no way to handicap it but if those risks turn into reality the political consequences are very likely to be extraordinary, especially considering the deliberate suppression of believed-effective treatment and prophylaxis such as Ivermectin.

As for Pelosi and Schumer with their stunts?  If they wish to destroy themselves and the Democrat Party I have plenty of popcorn and more than a few choices when it comes to excellent adult beverages that I can and will raise in a toast to their party's demise.  America has always been a two-party system but nothing says one or both of them can't blow themselves up and be replaced; that has happened before and likely is in process right now.  Congressional approval stands at fifteen percent and is in freefall following the militarization of the Capitol and impeachment BS; it will not take much more for either or both current parties to find themselves gone.


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