Fauci, Birx, Biden, Trump, Health Departments: ALL LIARS
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2021-01-13 09:34 by Karl Denninger
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Fauci, Birx, Biden, Trump, Health Departments: ALL LIARS
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How many more times do you need to see this folks?

A coronavirus outbreak has ravaged an upstate New York nursing home, claiming at least 32 residents’ lives in its deadly march, per multiple reports.

The outbreak at The Commons on St. Anthony in Auburn started on Dec. 21, according to CNYcentral.com. The latest death toll marks a surge of 20 additional residents since Jan. 5.

A spokesperson for the Loretto-owned facility, an organization that serves older adults throughout the region, said there are 104 ongoing infections, 46 recoveries and nearly 50 staffers in quarantine, per the outlet.

20 dead in the last week; that's impressive.  Why, it's about as impressive as our local medical facility here that is killing approximately half of everyone admitted for Covid.

What's even more impressive is the source of said infections: The "heroes" who work there and, we can assume, are all trained professionals who know how to use PPE such as masks, gloves and gowns.

Since all visitors have been barred from such facilities for months the only possible source of such an outbreak is the medical workers.

This is conclusive since nobody else has gone in there for months.

I have said since this started that the physics when it comes to viruses is clear: Masks are ineffective because they cannot work and it is a trivial matter of physics to understand why.  If a virus is carried on "droplets" or "aerosols" it does not matter; water, as the carrier, is divisible with almost zero shearing force, so as soon as a "droplet" gets where it has air motion available to it (e.g. through and to the outside of your mask) aerosol-sized particles will be sheared off and now are in the atmosphere.  One such particle is of sufficient size in an aerosol to carry enough virons to infect you.  If you wear a mask that has two-way flow through it (as do all surgical masks and N95s without valves) then you provide the tiny amount of shearing energy required every time you breathe.

If you wear a mask or other device with a valve then of course there is no protection from you as source control at all -- however, you may obtain some level of personal protection by doing so since you are now using a filter media as it is designed to be used with one-way flow.  But that's worthless when it comes to protecting others.

Of course all of this also implies adherence with protocols and proper fit so there is no bypass.  If you violate them in any way, such as taking a mask that has been exposed to pathogens from one place into another then you increase the rate of infections from not using a mask at all because you are transporting the virus from where it is not to where it now is.  That's stupid and when done by a trained professional it's criminally stupid.

I don't care how many times people with letters after their name keep bull****ting in the media or elsewhere; physics is not a list of suggestions and no amount of credentialism changes it.  

We've known source control doesn't work for 40 years and that finding from 1981 by random controlled trial has been challenged multiple times since through other trials and never falsified in a single such study.  Suddenly "computer models" have taken over and claimed to be science, which they never have been and still are not.

Meanwhile the overwhelming scientific evidence, which originally showed up in early spring of last year and has compiled a steady record of studies since, is that Ivermectin does work as both prophylaxis and treatment.  It has not only been ignored it has been claimed to have not happened at all, which is a ******nable lie.  There is no money in running a large random controlled trial for the drug since it's off patent and costs about as much as aspirin to make.  This is the very situation where if anyone in so-called "public health" gave a single **** about the life of a single person said pubic health agencies would spend some of the tax money they extract from you and from their "foundations" and "endowments" on such a trial themselves with sufficient size and proper design to get an answer they can defend either way.  They have not done so on purpose which is proof that they do not give a wet crap about the health of anyone and are simply political shills interested in shoving whatever their pre-decided "mandate" is into your body whenever it is ready -- in this case a not completely tested vaccine and they do not CARE how many tens or even hundreds of thousands of people die first.

I stand here today uninfected, without antibodies, as evidence that prophylaxis works.  Yes, scientifically it is very weak evidence because I am what is called a case study. No matter how many you have they do not form scientific proof and thus can never be the foundation for a mandate although every single mandate for masks, distancing and business closures has had no better evidence than my personal experience with prophylaxis!  But as for that case study here are the facts:  I have been around people in group settings consuming food and beverages at close range, which obviously means I cannot wear a mask and do so and neither can they, since the first of May.  Damn near everyone in that group has gotten the virus.  I am negative IgG antibodies; I have not had the virus.  I have been following a prophylaxis protocol since May and have not changed or otherwise modified it since the middle of summer.  There are only a few reasonable explanations for this -- I'm the luckiest SOB alive, all the claims about "asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic transmission" are lies, the virus is not spread to any material degree through the air (rather the vast majority of spread is in scat), this virus was here long before February of 2020, I was previously infected and while my antibodies have waned below detectable limits I still have T-cell recognition and thus cannot be re-infected or..... the prophylaxis works.

Any explanation other than "you're a lucky SOB" means the so-called public health "heroes" and medical "heroes" are liars

Those lies are why those people are dead folks and if you think I'm believing a single word out of their mouths about anything else related to Covid -- including the safety and efficacy of their so-called "vaccines" -- you're nuts.

Every single person wearing scrubs or working at such a place, and all of their family members who profit from and get their funds from anyone in such employment is in my opinion a lying murderous ******* and, as far as I'm concerned a permanent NPC who I shall not treat as even existing -- ever again.

That's a promise.

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