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User Info We Can Stop Covid In ONE WEEK; entered at 2020-12-18 17:16:49
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If the vaccines have some effectiveness, the numbers are going to start coming down quickly, particularly from the health care vector. Nurses are now starting to get the shots.

In maybe six weeks, the powers that be will declare success, pat themselves on the backs, and put policies in place to coerce everyone to get the vaccine. Or get excluded from society.

If you don't like what exclusion is going to do to your lifestyle and your job, what are you going to do about it?

Your boss, the airlines, and the restaurants are going to say, "We follow CDC guidelines. If you are unable to follow the CDC guidelines, you may not work here, not fly with us, nor eat at this restaurant."
Grocery stores will allow you to shop from home with delivery, and judges are going to uphold that policy to keep everybody safe.

I wish it doesn't go this way. Maybe this is a good time to start attacking the vaccine EUA?

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