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User Info We Can Stop Covid In ONE WEEK; entered at 2020-12-18 14:46:37
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Registered: 2020-08-17
2 questions for TG and anyone else here who may know to help when trying to talk sense into others about this. for instance, the other day I got the "if we would just shut down for 3 months like New Zealand, Taiwan, etc......" I don't have the data on the different countries and what they're doing at my fingertips, but beside the fact that there are more variables than masking and lockdowns, and I know generally there's little to no correlation, here are the questions:

1) is there a site that is cataloging what countries are doing so I can go there and get a quick comparison? like world-o-meter or something does with case #s, deaths, etc.?

2) anyone know if it is the case that there are differences in the way countries are counting deaths and where there might also be a good source of data/proof? for instance, is it the case that the US counts deaths with COVID (and "probable" cases) whereas other countries only report COVID as death if there is no other cause? see graphic for better illustration. if this is the case then even death / case counts are not apples to apples, which I think we all know they are not
2020-12-18 14:46:37