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User Info We Can Stop Covid In ONE WEEK; entered at 2020-12-18 13:28:24
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Registered: 2019-07-13 Rocky Mountains
@Wifi wrote "easily give up their rights, with little to no resistance."

Yes, and what are you going to do about it? Talk your two minutes at county commissioner meeting? Join a city council working group on _anything_ to get involved and gain influence? Sue your county health department to enjoin their lockdowns and then make them prove effectiveness in court?

I know how much work it takes to stay focused on effective activities. Seems most people want someone else to do their work. Yes, freedom can be hard.

Am trying to get refunds on two supposedly unlimited multi-resort ski passes. Daily limited reservation system so the pass can work that day and lodges effectively closed.
I got a backcountry setup a decade+ ago. A little heavy now, but bomber. Tracks are everywhere this year in backcountry. And hills allow uphill access outside operating hours if your are polite about it.

@Whossane, regarding Steamboat in January, please write the town and county commissioners and let them know your money is not arriving this year. Maybe the newspaper letter to editor, also.
2020-12-18 13:28:24