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User Info We Can Stop Covid In ONE WEEK; entered at 2020-12-18 12:58:00
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Mangymutt wrote..
Shutting down small businesses and churches was not a mistake.

I'm sure many here don't believe in spiritual things, and looking around at the fear and ready compliance, I think many in the church don't believe in them either. As soon as I heard that singing in these church meetings was being targeted, that said to me there is more to all of this than meets the eye.

My experience and understanding is that this singing is not like going to a concert or a party. David wrote in Psalm 22 that God inhabits the praises of his people. In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat sends a choir out ahead of the army, and the three armies coming against them all turned and destroyed each other. Joshua conquered Jericho by marching around blowing trumpets. Paul and Silas are shackled up in prison and they start singing and an earthquake shook the foundation of the prison, the doors were opened, and the bindings were broken (Acts 16). Now, I believe it all, and also that the same is true today, but the proof is individual. Point being, whether the implied conspiracy it would take for all of this outrageous deception to be taking place currently--and so boldly and openly--is even humanly possible... there sure is a grand picture being painted by it.

I have no intention of derailing the topic here, just sharing a perspective.

I'm looking forward to the good that comes from all of it.
2020-12-18 12:58:00