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User Info We Can Stop Covid In ONE WEEK; entered at 2020-12-18 11:58:04
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
I don't care how many letters you have after your name; with 40 years of writing code for money under my belt I've known far too many PhDs who's degree had its best and highest use as birdcage liner.

Expensive birdcage liner.

When societies learn to stop worshiping ANY group of people, it is then that we have finally matured. Especially when it comes to government peoples.

For decades the USDA has put out the food pyramid, where it has been taught and sold as "Healthy". Karl and others have destroyed that narrative, yet even with mountains of proof, "they" still say he is wrong. How many Tickers has he tirelessly written that have not just explained, but factually shown - What we put into our bodies, greatly impacts health.

For decades our government has been "fighting wars" for our safety, drugs, drunk driving and the all important Poverty. 10's of 100's of Billions of yours and your children's money has been spent on these undefinable "wars" that have yet to produce a single success. Much digital ink has been spilled on the pages of Market-Ticker showing/proving personal responsibility leads to greater societal success than all the government intervention combined.

Shutting down small businesses and churches was not a mistake. Droning on and on about the need to wear useless face diapers, is not a mistake. Getting people to comply with social distancing while their loved ones lay in ICU's alone, or parents not being able to experience the birth of their child together, is also not a mistake. How many of us have been made to feel like a leper while out picking up a gallon of milk? Do you honestly believe going to a strip club is ok, but gathering with more than 6 friends and loved at once isn't.

Get your jackets, your posterboard, your big Sharpie Markers and picket the Hospital, picket the local doctor's office, picket their house, picket every damned politician you can find and light up their phones to the point that their voicemail is clogged and useless.
2020-12-18 11:58:04