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User Info Shut Down Covid Right Now; entered at 2020-12-11 19:01:54
Posts: 37
Registered: 2016-12-10 Austin TX area
TGuy, the most compelling data yove presented were the facts about 89 % of deaths in an area were very sick or aged people who ALREADY have DNRs. My sister is a nurse and cannot wait to get her Shot. She is all scared about all the CV deaths in Denver. She said, we had just a few last summer, now we are having hundreds of deaths. She is Scared and is glad small business and restaurants are shut down. I said,well it IS cold and flu season. Cannot most all those deaths be just normal cold and pneumonia and flu deaths which happen every year, but using a deceptive CV test, half the deaths in a hospital can be attributed to CV. I am going to look up the all cause deaths for now vs say, 2018.
2020-12-11 19:01:54