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User Info Shut Down Covid Right Now; entered at 2020-12-08 19:31:27
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Registered: 2019-07-13 Rocky Mountains
@Jackrussell so is it Vail or Aspen? People in Aspen call Vail "the truck stop". Yes Vail is expensive. Aspen is in a different league. Clintons stay in Aspen in their friend's mansions.

Government can't realistically close Eagle county (Vail) to outsiders because of the highway which goes across Colorado and through Vail.

Routt county (Aspen) is in a different situation, particularly during winter. And they are going to try to close it to outsiders.
Many people visiting Aspen this winter simply went to multi-week and multi-month rentals. This is better for the wealthy because the slopes are less crowded.
Aspen can economically shut in. Vail not as much.

Mesa county started a Five Star program to open businesses last summer. It didn't slow the spread, but the Governor latched on to the program and may allow exemptions elsewhere if businesses follow the Five Star program.

It's nonsensical.
2020-12-08 19:31:27