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User Info Covid-19 -- A White Paper - To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC; entered at 2020-12-04 08:15:34
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Completely way off topic but of the up most importance to me and my granddaughter and I think to our nation. I think you did a podcast, and I think you did a full topic about this election we are going through right now. I will go back and review, I just wanted to bring it up in your latest writing.

So how to start:
My 14 granddaughter is thinking thoughts that are what I believe to be admirable and astounding for her young mind. She came to me yesterday and we talked about what could be a peaceful resolution to this election and the division we face in this country now , this makes me proud of her but at the same sad that she at 14 needs to worry about it. I tell her to let the adults handle this until she is 18, but her thoughts are her thoughts. I must admit I do try to help form her thoughts based on our way of life (God, individually, hard work, truth, facts, 2 + 2 does =4, property, etc.) evolving around our Constitutional republic (especially the Bill of rights) and what the founders only concern was defining how to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for a person. She does love Trump. She would not fully understand why Trump has failed to haul in the medical industrial complex so Ill leave it at that.

*** Anyways she draws out a map on her laptop and shows me how the country can and maybe should split in two to avoid a violent end to what might possibly come. She thinks the country should separate and have common things for both separate countries***.
I tell her I am not sure it can be done but I will try to find out. She is getting the low down on socialism/marxism/communism/ collectivism the whole gambit.

Something else she thought of was having the losing candidate serve as VP, must of read early history, surprised me.I knew about it.

I have talk to her about your website and let her read things about certain topics you publish. She knows about your book ( probably a difficult read for her now) and the food pyramid, HFLC, and all your fantastic material on COVID-19, she knows the insanity going on because I let her know by the knowledge I gain from you on it. I do try to keep her away from the heavy duty stuff.
I let her know I have the upmost respect for you and your truth telling site.

She is totally aware of the election and the fraud that is taking place. She is on social media as you would expect (tik-tok, twitter, etc.) and discusses (argues) stuff with both sides of the spectrum with kids in her age group (even that spectrum is divided, parents most likely). She is without a doubt becoming a conservative/Libertarian mind ( not gone to collage yet and is learning online at home but will have to enter high school in class next year) with the constitution and human freedom as her foundation.
I told her I would get your thoughts on this subject of separation and I mentioned that if my memory serves me right you have looked at this and wrote about it in the past.

She later asked me if I had written you yet, so i have to ask and fulfill her request or i would feel like crap.


? 1. Is it possible
? 2. How could it be done
? 3. Is it a good idea. (seeing what we are currently staring at).

Do you mind delving into this on her behalf, I will relay your thoughts to her.

I have my own question Karl,

Do you believe our constitution is as great a document that has ever been written for freedom of a person?

Thanks for all you do, you are a treasure of thoughts.
2020-12-04 08:15:34