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User Info Covid-19 -- A White Paper - To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC; entered at 2020-12-03 13:20:42
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One more tiny typographical thing in that paragraph could help others. I kept reading it wrong over and over, and was confused that you didn't address this sentence, but adding a comma after vaccines fixed it for me. I was thinking it was saying "the above is not to indict vaccines for absence of evidence..." and that "cannot do that" was a leftover fragment from earlier edits. Now I finally got it:
The above is not to indict candidate vaccines, for absence of evidence that requires time to develop cannot do that.

Antibodies in banked blood... wow, I've heard from people insisting that this virus has been around prior to what is claimed by the official narrative. Now there's proof positive for anyone interested in truth. Yet another sub-topic of discussion covered.
2020-12-03 13:20:42