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User Info Covid-19 -- A White Paper - To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC; entered at 2020-12-03 07:34:17
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Remember this is an "emergency authorization" which means the usual safety protocols and length of time to collect data were cut short. And no pregnant women, children can take the vaccine as it is completely untested in those sub-groups. So you start demanding a vaccine for things and you are immediately discriminating on the basis of age and sex (given the mixed up world we live in, someone with a dick is gonna try to put on a dress and high heels and claim they're pregnant.)

And don't forget about HIPAA either. Ticket bastards will likely try to use some sort of tech to claim they don't actually see your immunization record, like a third party verification service, but that is just sleight of hand as obviously anyone who works for ticket bastard in a capacity where they have access to see why someone couldn't buy a ticket can infer that you did not get yours. What are they going to do, not even give you a call center to talk to a human to explain why you can't see some act? Hello, broken business model.

The airlines worry me the most - they have a history of rat-fucking people, and they're essentially state supported industries. Just try to get off the no fly list once you're on it - good luck. If I remember, there wasn't even an appeal process. But they are going to have a big problem as well, as they are trading one problem (nobody wants to fly because of quarantines) for another (nobody wants to fly because they have to take an experimental vaccine, and then even if they do they get on a plane full of kids and a pregnant lady who didn't have to take it.)
2020-12-03 07:34:17