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User Info Covid-19 -- A White Paper - To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC; entered at 2020-12-02 22:23:59
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@Zappafan - That's the other problem; if you read the rest of the paper the data we have at this point says that if you are healthy irrespective of age your risk of death is 3/100,000! The NY Coroners data is utterly STUNNING in its implication in that it proves, across a large sample of dead people, that age is not a dependent variable in terms of risk; rather, it is associated with the conditions that increase risk.

The CDC and other "public health" people have outright LIED about where the risk lines break down. It is not age at all -- AGE IS STATISTICALLY IRRELEVANT. Rather it is specific medical conditions that cause the escalation of risk and MANY of them are due to lifestyle decisions!

In other words if you don't have any of those conditions irrespective of age then there is no reason for you give a shit about this virus at all as you're MUCH more likely to be killed by any one of a number of other things you have utterly no control over.

Further since everyone who has one or more of those conditions knows it this also means they can take precautions themselves while the rest of us should tell everyone in the government to go fuck a goat since for the rest of us this thing is less dangerous than the flu, and not by a little either.

That's something NOBODY is talking about and yet the statistical power is in the data at this point to make that statement and back it up with the math. What this means is that since we've been testing these vaccines on healthy people in order for it to be "worth it" it has to have a lower risk of damage on a permanent basis than the virus does in that population. It will take years to KNOW if this is the case unless, God Forbid, we give the damn thing to 10 million healthy people and suddenly a couple of thousands of them get some sort of serious "fuck you" out of it.

So now you got two problems -- we are assuming that the risk of bad side effects is eventually distributed too. That's just a flat-out assumption; there's no evidence. And at the same time we hypothesize that since we gave it to healthy young adults and it appears to prevent infections it will also work equally well in people who are NOT healthy, which we have no evidence for AT ALL.
2020-12-02 22:23:59