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User Info Covid-19 -- A White Paper - To @RealDonaldTrump and @CDC; entered at 2020-12-02 21:46:14
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Karl, To explain a bit, the first part says:

Random Controlled Trial (RCT) these produce strong to moderate evidence in both
directions. A random controlled trial distributes two or more groups of people or events
controlled for various expected confounding factors and gives one or more of the groups
different test agents or events, while keeping the other free from same. Assuming the trial is
large enough and control of outside events good enough, these provide excellent scientific evidence

Yes we know this is how the phase 3 trials worked for the main vaccine candidates in the West (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) Are you saying that they generated evidence to support a hypothesis, but nothing further?

I'm not even getting into the part about how the "95% effective" statement only covers endpoints where infection with symptoms was present, not serious disease.

I keep telling people that these results have not been peer-reviewed either.
2020-12-02 21:46:14