2020-11-21 Drunken Podcast #8 - Covid and the Election
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2020-11-21 21:51 by Karl Denninger
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2020-11-21 Drunken Podcast #8 - Covid and the Election
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Folks, this is an astounding study.  Not just because of what it shows, but because of what it discloses.

Egypt has a death rate from Covid19 1/10th of ours on a per-million people.  This is without the study. It's just with "standard of care."

What's the difference?

Read the study.

First: These are sanitarium model hospitals; Covid19 specific.

Which we have not done.


We could do this today and it will stop infecting the most-vulnerable.  But we haven't, and there's no indication we will.

Gee, what did I lay out here?  Yeah, that.

I told you so; the sanitarium model is the only sane model as it cuts off nosocomial infections.  We have not done this anywhere but Egypt did it, and the results are what they are.

Second: They do not send people home until they choke on their fluids when diagnosed.  Instead they do this: (Azithromycin 500mg OD/5days, Paracetamol 500mg PRN, vitamin C 1gm OD, Zinc 50 mg OD, Lactoferrin 100mg sachets BID & Acetylcystein 200mg t.d.s & prophylactic or therapeutic anticoagulation if D-dimer > 1000).  Let's run them down.

Azithromycin: Z-PAK.  You've heard this one before.  It's a macrolide and generally would not be given for viral infections, but Egypt is using it as a front-line standard of care.

Peracetamol: Tylenol, in brand name.  OTC anywhere.

Vitamin C: 1,000mg, easy.  OTC anywhere.

Zinc: 50mg, easy, OTC anywhere.

Lactoferrin: 100mg, interesting one here.  It's a protein found in cow and human milk.  Not heard of this one before for Covid, but readily available as a supplement.

Acetylcystein: Otherwise known as "NAC" and available OTC as a supplement.

Likely the the key item: anticoagulation if D-dimer >1000.  We are not testing for it on initial presentation which is stupid since we knew in March and April it was an issue and we know how to deal with it.  Yet even today we do nothing.

Note well folks -- with only standard of care Egypt is managing 1/10th of our death rate per million people.  They have a third of our population, roughly, yet somehow only 112,000 cases.


Simple: They cut off the nosocomial infections by segregating hospitals and I bet they're not calling all the false positives cases either.  Anyone care to take that bet?

We killed 200,000+ people because we didn't pay any attention whatsoever to what I talked about IN ****ING MARCH.

What would be OUR death count if we did not transmit the bug through hospitals and nursing homes?  About 20,000.

But -- this study is very interesting in that Egypt also showed that they can cut the effective death rate to zero using Ivermectin.

That's right.  A cheap drug, given early, stops people from dying.

The mortality rate significantly reduced in Ivermectin treated patients group I& III (0.0% & 2%, respectively)

WHAT IS BETTER THAN 0% FOLKS?  The 2% was in severely ill people who they got to late.

Get to them early and it's 0%.

Again, how do you beat zero -- especially with a drug that costs pennies?

I noted that this was likely to work in June of this year.  How many doctors and medical centers paid attention?  ZERO.

**** our government.

**** our states.

**** our mayors.

**** our doctors.

**** our hospitals.

**** THEM ALL; the failure to segregate Covid19 into a sanitarium model is responsible for 90% of the cases and deaths.  So says Egypt.

The other 10%?  Nearly all of them appears to be stopped with Ivermectin.

Yeah, I know it's not peer reviewed yet.


If you get the bug, what are you going to do?

I know what I will do.

You do what you want.

Oh, and **** your mask.  Stick it up your ass.  They're worthless -- this, on the other hand and on the evidence works.


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