Heh Tourists: It's October. You're Going To Drive. Now What?
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2020-09-25 19:06 by Karl Denninger
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Heh Tourists: It's October. You're Going To Drive. Now What?
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Let's make the choice clear.

You live within, oh, 2 hours of Atlanta.

You can drive to either the Florida Emerald Coast or the Tennessee Mountains, including Sevier County and Gatlinburg.

Both are beautiful.  I live in one and lived in the other until earlier this year.  Best beaches in the nation on the Emerald Coast, if I do say so myself, unless you're willing to go to Hawaii that is.  Yeah, I've been there too.  The Tennessee Mountains are breathtaking as well.

To some degree which you choose is a function of whether you prefer beach or mountains, obviously.  But you can always do one this time, and the other the next, right?


Both are somewhat comparable in distance.

The Beach is probably a bit cheaper now, but not much, than Gatlinburg and Sevier County.  It's getting busier here.  Doing a quick survey of hotels, it's pretty comparable for nice places -- and the "more-budget" tier.

But Florida's Ron DeSantis, the Governor, just struck all the mask mandates.  No fines can be imposed.  No mandate can stand that has the force of law.  No constraints on restaurant capacity, no social distancing bull****, you can go to the restaurant or the bar, there are no plastic dividers up and no crap.  He did it today.  As of right now there are no mandates.

Sure, individual businesses can choose otherwise.  It's private property.  They can go out of business too when the restaurant or bar across the street says "**** that", runs at full capacity and has the band come back as well.  If you want to play REeeeeeeing Karen go right ahead.  You won't last a week.

The environment all through Florida is, as of today, normal.  2019 normal.

He did it after consulting actual science.  After spending the time.  And then... he did the logical thing, instead of pandering to bull****.

Mayor Larry Waters-cum-DeBlasio has a choice.  His mandate expires in three days.

But -- he has threatened to extend it.

As of right now, it stands.

So which do you choose?


Do you choose freedom where your money is respected and so is your choice -- you can wear a mask if you want, but you can't force others to do so -- or do you spend your money where there are plastic dividers between sipping spots in the bars, where you are required to wear a mask any time you are indoors and you're threatened with fines if you tell them to **** off?


It's pretty simple, really.  You get to choose, and the distance is comparable.  The environment is pretty in both places, although different.  Both are beautiful.  The cost and hassle of the drive is about the same.

Beach or mountains?

Freedom or fascism?

Yeah, I live in one of them.  But if it was my money, even though I'm tired of the beach?

Where do you think I'd point my car this October -- unless Mayor Larry DeBlasio changes his mind in the next three days that is.

Heh Mayor.... I didn't expect it to come quite this quickly, but, well.... here you go if you don't drop the order or the Governor doesn't force you to and give you a cheap way out:


I love it when I'm right.

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