So Just Give Up Folks: America Is Done
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2020-09-25 11:15 by Karl Denninger
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So Just Give Up Folks: America Is Done
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Can we cut the crap?

It has now been disclosed that both FBI and CIA personnel took out professional liability insurance while in the middle of the Flynn investigation.  This implies that they not only expected to do something that might lead to liability they expected the government to refuse to cover it.

That's scienter folks -- knowledge of guilt.  It's the legal standard to find someone knew what they were doing is wrong, and the difference between negligence and intentional misconduct.

Worse, since government employees are broadly immune it also is a clear demonstration that these individuals knew they were acting outside of their professional authority; they were acting with personal animus and intentionally going beyond the boundaries of their lawful remit, which is the only way you wind up personally responsible when working for the government -- whether the government is local, state or federal.

Oh, and the original and in fact only "collusion"?  It was between the FBI and an actual RUSSIAN agent.  Let that sink in; our own government law enforcement colluded with a foreign power for internal political purposes.

Is this normal?  No.

Youtube didn't like my presentation of official government statistics and pulled my video which demonstrated that in my county, and in many other counties in Tennessee, Covid19 is no more dangerous than the flu.  It produces approximately the same amount of mortality and is no material impact on the health care system, producing no more two hospital admissions a day on a 7 DMA basis since April.

Not once has there been any indication of actual trouble with regard to the health care system here.  Not once.

Is this unique?  No.  Knox County, with more than 4 times our population, has had a hospitalization rate that on the same 7 DMA basis has been less than four times ours again, all the way back to the start.

Blount?  No problem either.  Again, none of this is from anything other than official government sources.

Now are there places where there has been trouble in Tennessee?  Yep.  Shelby County (Memphis) has a mortality rate four times that of influenza.  What's the common factor between the places that have had serious trouble?  It's not that they have cities; Knoxville is a city.

It's that those regions have done nothing to interdict the known vectors as documented by their own data and have instead targeted individuals with mask mandates and specific targeted restrictions such as on bars and restaurants when the authorities know that's not where transmission is occurring.

You can't go to Church, but you can riot.

You can't go to a bar, but you can loot a store.

You can directly lie to Congress -- and the American people, along with multiple other agencies and consumer groups about how "everyone" is susceptible and we're "in the beginning of this" when they know, because multiple scientific papers have published on it, that a large part of the population is cross-immune from an unknown other previous infection.  Nobody knows which one, but that T-cell recognition exists was the only reasonable theory in February, it was conclusively demonstrated that some sort of cross-immunity existed by the end of March and now we know that it is T-cell recognition because multiple scientific papers have published proving it, including reactivity in blood drawn before Covid19 allegedly existed.  This is no longer the only reasonable theory that fits the facts as it was in February and March -- it has now been conclusively proved.

Yet this cannot ever become the subject of debate or admitted by Birx, Fauci or anyone else despite being as true as it is that the Earth revolves around the Sun because as soon as you do that exactly zero of the "mitigating" steps make sense.  Not the original lockdowns, not the mask orders, not the business restrictions.  What's worse is that vaccine development is a waste of time and money as for roughly half the people they're already immune so you're giving a shot to someone with no potential benefit.  This is forbidden under medical ethics rules everywhere since there is no possible benefit for such a person but there is the potential for harm and while Covid19 will likely be with us and circulate forever in the population the truth is that exactly zero of what we did from April forward was justified and in fact some of what was done in virtually every state qualifies as at least gross negligence and likely reaches the threshold of manslaughter.

All the way up and down our government from local to federal this has been one massive scam.  Not the virus; the virus is real.  But the CDC itself says that 74,000 of the dead had influenza.  Which killed them given that 90% of Covid infections are asymptomatic?  If you have both Covid and influenza it is as a matter of statistics likely that 90% of those co-infected were killed by the flu, not Covid.  This in turn means that roughly 70,000 alleged Covid deaths are fraudulently claimed to be Covid-related when they are in fact flu deaths.

Then there are the thousands of deaths the CDC itself catalogs as "Covid" when one of the co-morbidities is accidental or intentional harm.  In other words suicides, car accidents, falling off buildings and similar bad events.  Being infected with Covid means you get counted as a Covid death when you wreck your motorcycle!


We didn't want to take proper precautions for people at particular risk.  No, that's not all Seniors.  It is in fact those who are disabled to the point that they cannot live independently at all and required 24x7 nursing attention.  These are people who have lost their capacity for independent living and decision-making and thus we have a duty to care for them.

We killed them instead of taking care of them; 40% of all Covid deaths are among this population.  A population that, I remind you, constitutes less than 1% of the population of America and in most states is about 0.5% of the population.  Less than 1% of the population accounts for 40% of the death and exactly none of that was due to consensual actions of the person involved because by definition if you're in a nursing home you are unable to take care of your own basic daily needs in life and require on-call, all-the-time assistance.



We have government agencies, including the State of Tennessee's Department of Health and the City of Nashville, which have been caught deliberately hiding those statistics and the motivation is clear: If you understood them and gave a wet crap you might demand manslaughter prosecutions or you'll band together with a few thousand others and start building a gallows in front of the halls of government yourselves.  The Tennessee Department of Health, along with others have deliberately concealed their contact tracing record.  The State of New York deliberately concealed the locus of many of their nursing home deaths by not listing them as nursing home residents if they were taken a hospital before they died!  That's intentional fraud, just as it was with Flynn and the motivation to do so is clear.

Our willingness to sit back and let our health and law enforcement agencies get away with this crap for decades is why we're here.  If the DOJ had been oredered by Trump to shut down the FBI's investigation and people were fired repeatedly until the order was followed the Democrats would have certainly tried to impeach but they would have failed as Trump had every right and ability as President to declassify and release all of this information ten minutes after he was inaugurated.

He did not do so.

And we did not make him -- or the FBI -- do so.

Yet there are 330 million Americans -- and nowhere enough of "them" to stop us if even a few hundred thousand were to insist and mean it.

Don't tell me how terrible the economy is, or how terrible what's going on in Louisville is, or ask me for help.  If you're part of the government, on fire and I have a glass of water in my hand -- I'm going to drink it.  I would not even piss on you to put you out.

The "March For Jobs and Freedom" that led to the signing of the Civil Rights Act has been portrayed as a "purely peaceful" exercise.  Bull****. It was in fact organic and the idea originated a long time before it happened in the mind of a man named A. Philip Randolph.  Both he and MLK met with Kennedy and scared the **** out of him.  The implied threat of course was that if the Act was not passed Washington DC might be occupied and burnt to the ground.  With a couple hundred thousand men, most of them young and full of cum willing to do it the government was not in a position to say "No" whether the threat was explicitly communicated or not.

Kennedy tried to defuse the entire thing; he convinced MLK and Randolph to move it to a weekday and cut it from two days to one, both in an attempt to keep attendance down.  He also closed all of the bars and liquor stores in the city on that day.  And MLK took that ball and ran with it, delivering I Have a Dream.

But if you think a quarter of a million people could not have turned ugly at the drop of a hat and sacked the town -- you're wrong.  They most-certainly could have and there wouldn't have been **** the government could have done about it either.  Oh sure, they would have fired on the crowd if it really got out of hand.  But those doing so would have died, and not well either.

Oh and let's not forget that Kennedy ****ed MLK for his insubordination after the crowd was safely gone -- one month later he instructed the FBI to investigate him.

Read that again: Kennedy instructed the FBI.

So.... the President can do that, can't he?  Yep.  And yet has Trump instructed the FBI to get to the bottom of the bull**** going on right now?  Nope.  Not with Flynn, not with the rest of the garbage with Mueller, not with the two dozen "accidentally" erased phones, not with the facially invalid patents on coronaviruses, not with the perjury of Fauci and Redfield before Congress and not with Birx running around using her vagina to peddle lies in Knoxville and elsewhere either.

Oh, and not with Amazon, Nike, WalMart or anyone else evading slave-labor laws nor for that matter most of the packaged-foods industry doing so with regard to Palm Oil and the literal forced-labor used to collect and process it, which we knew quite some time ago and now even the AP is reporting it.

I suppose you don't have a dream if you're an Asian slave, whether it be a Malaysian or Chinese gig you're caught in, eh?  You see, that dream would decimate the stock price of Apple, Amazon, P&G and damn near every other major food and cosmetic company, along with all the firms sourcing this and that from over there.  Never mind being the source of virtually every pandemic flu and other viral strain throughout history -- including this one.

And since you won't put a stop to any of this you got ****ed when Covid showed up, your Grandmother was murdered and you still don't give a **** eight months later.  You're cowering behind your mask while cities burn and Trump chortles with glee at the tens of thousands of votes he gets every time a black business is sacked.  Do you really think he wants it to stop?  Bull****.

Were there a couple hundred thousand people willing to go to DC and demand it all stop or else -- it would stop.

But today nobody will issue that "or else" -- instead we have crazies who burn, loot and shoot because the cops in Louisville shot back after a man fired at them.  

By the way, that sermon I linked up above?  The Diocese to which that church belongs is now "investigating" the pastor who delivered it, and likely will discipline -- and perhaps defrock -- the Priest who had the temerity to point out the truth from the pulpit.

You'll sit for that too.

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