The Big Tech -- And Medical -- Lie
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2020-09-24 11:44 by Karl Denninger
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The Big Tech -- And Medical -- Lie
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So those of you who don't live under a rock know my Twatter account was "restricted" yesterday.

Twitter Support has posted tweets saying first that this was a mass-event and due to an "error", which may have been tied to a problem Google Services had for a while yesterday (that, I can confirm, was real.)  They also posted another tweet and said the problem was corrected.  At least the latter is a lie.

Their complaint is not that I said something, so they say.  Their automated system said it suspected me of being a robot.  It offered me the option to go through their 2-phase verification that I'm not -- a Captcha, and then a text message to my phone with a code.  I immediately completed that and got a "Thanks, Human!" back.  But.... still can't do anything.  I can see what people post, but I cannot DM, reply, like, retweet, etc.

I've filed a formal protest via email, which of course got a tracking number and.... no change. Nor anything other than an automated reply.

So Twitter lies, in short.  Jack has repeatedly lied.  They've lied to Congress.  They've lied to you.  And, I might add, immediately before it happened I posted a one-liner as the Grand Jury report had just issued in Louisville and I (sarcastically) said "Here come the riots!" while eating lunch, from my phone.

Instantly, literally as soon as I posted that, my account got restricted.  And right about that time so did a bunch of other people suffer the same fate.

So "it wasn't something I said", eh?  Uh huh.  Sure it wasn't.  Isn't it funny the "selective" nature of this?  Nevermind the fact that when I verified that I was not a robot the restriction wasn't lifted either.  So not only did Twatter lie once, they lied twice.

Never mind that Youtube took down a recent video of mine because I published the Tennessee Department of Health's own data that proved in our county Covid19 was no more dangerous than the flu.  It demonstrated conclusively on their own data that in six months 13 people had died "of" Covid (supposedly) while over the 2014-17 period 26 died every year from influenza.  Documenting elementary-school math and that the politicians had lied repeatedly was too much, and thus it had to be removed.  Removed from Youtube, that is -- Bitchute has yet to whack it.

But the threat in Youtube's removal email to me was clear: Do it again and we'll kill your entire channel.

In other words we directly support the lies about Covid and will censor you permanently if you don't stop telling the truth.  Your options are to lie or shut up.

But let's speak some more about lies.  Fauci got into it with Rand Paul where Rand pointed out that about 20% of the people in a lot of areas of the US have had Covid.  2% tested positive, and about 10 more for each positive have had it but never got symptoms.  In every place where this has happened -- without exception -- there has been no logarithmic spike after that point has been passed.

In many cases where it has not occurred yet (e.g. South Dakota, Hawaii, etc) there have been massive, logarithmic spikes.

This is hard proof that population immunity levels are high enough once you pass a 2% population "positive test" rate that logarithmic explosions can no longer happen, because in zero cases have they, and it does not matter whether the place in question has a mask mandate, does not, has closed bars or has not, etc.  Hawaii took a ten times logarithmic spike after instituting both a mask mandate and hard quarantines for anyone coming in.  Didn't matter.  South Dakota took one after Sturgis (which is now topping out) with no mandates.  Two wildly-different regimes in terms of government constraint but the same result.  Both had population positive rates under or at 1% at the time.  There are zero places where it has happened once that 2% threshold has been breached.

Sevier County has a mask mandate and got a monster spike (300% increase in case rate) one incubation time after it went into effect.  Our rate stabilized and fell dramatically when we reached 2%, and despite the Labor Day holiday -- no logarithmic spike afterward.  This a very heavy tourist area.  Blount County, right next door, never got a spike, has a curve that looks almost identical to ours, has 35% more people and never had a mask mandate; their Mayor correctly deduced that it would both not work and was unconstitutional.  He was right, Mayor Larry DeBlasio was wrong.

Larry DeBlasio doesn't care; he's admitted that this is not only about politics and not health it's about the feels -- right to my face after the meeting at which I spoke!  Thus, his last name is now proved to be "DeBlasio."

Fauci knowingly lied about there being no inherent T-cell immunity when he said that Rand Paul was "the only one" who believed there was a roughly 20% threshold for population suppression.  There are literally a half-dozen scientific papers documenting anywhere from a third to a half of the population having T-cell recognition -- that is, partial or complete immunity, even though they were never infected.  20% + 50% = 70%, or into and beyond the herd suppression required for a virus with an R0 of 3.0.

That wasn't a mistake IT WAS PERJURY.

But you know what?  Nobody gave a crap about perjury when women paraded before the Senate and claimed that Kavanaugh gang-raped them.  Even when it was proved that at least one of those allegations was knowingly false.

Nobody committed any crimes, remember?  2007, 2008, 2009?

In front of Congress, a bald lie.  Repeatedly.  Nobody goes to jail.

The Fed has lied for over 100 years in front of Congress.  The Congressional mandate is for zero inflation, not 2%.  Stable prices *******s.  Yet.... violate the law with impunity, wave your dick in front of every member of Congress in sworn testimony for 100 years running and nobody arrests you.

Well, that's just fine folks.

Remember, Covid isn't spread via aerosolized feces.  That's why in Nashville they concealed that they traced less than one percent of their cases to bars and restaurants, but ten percent between nursing homes and construction sites.  What's the common link?  Air-exposed feces; 40% of nursing home patients are incontinent and construction sites have no water and sewer service yet so every crap you take is exposed to the air in a porta-potty.

And what did we know months ago?  That among an isolation unit with Covid patients in it they tried to isolate viral RNA from both surfaces and the air and found it in exactly one place -- the bathroom, on surfaces.

More than six months in there's a debate about this?  Bull****

In early February I noted that fecal spread was nearly-certain to be in play and if we didn't take that into account and deal with it we were going to get hammered here in the United States.  At the time we had just seen the first few cases here, and China was "fully involved."  The data was conclusive.  Spread of any pathogen is almost-never a singular event; yes, I'm sure you can spread Covid out your mouth.  If you play tongue-twister with an infected person and are susceptible I'll bet any amount of money you'd like to lose that you'll get it.  But ignoring the fecal route is why those who were killed in nursing homes died.  We deliberately did nothing to control that route of infection and we had every reason to know it was a problem.

Fauci knows that suppression is in play in most of the United States.  Suppression does not mean nobody will get the virus, by the way.  It does, however, mean that logarithmic explosions of cases are no longer possible.  It cannot happen simply due to mathematics.  That in turn means there is zero risk of an overload of our health care system and since the fatality rate in places where we did not shove the virus into highly-brittle persons on purpose the fatality rate in terms of deaths per unit of time is approximately equal to the flu what's all the drama about? Look around Tennessee in the various counties and compare with the 2014-2017 flu death rates.

The data is conclusive.

Further, the screaming about colleges and schools is flat-out stupid.  You can count the college students who have ended up in the hospital or dead on your fingers.  Yet tens of thousands have allegedly been tested "positive."  I say allegedly because we have deliberately set the calibration on the so-called "tests" where they will register positive on viral debris that is not infectious and you either inhaled from someone or which is still in your body two months after you had an asymptomatic case!

None of this is accidental.

Multiple people have flat-out lied not only to the people, but to Congress.  The former is called politics.  The latter is a felony.

The reason it happened, and the reason we're dealing with all this bull**** about masks and similar and you've been scared out of your wits is because exactly nobody has stood up over the last 20+ years, including our President today, and demanded that if you commit perjury before Congress your ass goes to prison.

That's your fault folks, and I hope you enjoy the price because the bad part of what's been done isn't a demand to wear a diaper on your face.

It's the economic destruction and possible civil war that's going to come from the monetary and fiscal game-playing that has been done over the last six months or so, which I remind you historically takes anywhere from a year to 18 months to begin showing up in the economy in terms of negative effects and the pull-forward of the literal destruction of Medicare and Medicaid on a fiscal basis which has now been accelerated to 2023.

Enjoy the fruits of your inaction.  We all deserve it and frankly, what we really deserve is a couple-mile-wide asteroid right up our chute.  I've been told by locals here that the Mayor and Sheriff are both in their offices for life; that nobody will ever displace them by ballot.  Maybe true and maybe not, but what I know is true for certain is that if you aren't willing to take an hour of your time one evening a month, show up and raise hell at a Commission Meeting when you have a legal right to three minutes to speak your mind nothing will ever change and it does not matter if the issue is mask mandates -- or anything else. It's only tyranny if you say NO!  If you meekly act as Sheep you cannot complain if you're shorn -- or turned into mutton.

As I've said many times in this column the only difference between sex and******is consent.

All I see is sex.

Want to know how I know nobody gives a crap despite saying they're opposed -- conclusively?  Despite the leading part of this article being the fact that Twitter has restricted my account several hours after I posted it I've yet to see one tweet with my handle on it referencing it from anyone, nor a single outside link-in from another social media platform.  Yet I know it's been read many, many times. 

Thus it is proved that even the few seconds it would take to get this out there where others can see it is too much effort -- which tells me everything I need to know about the value you place on the information offered.

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