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User Info Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive; entered at 2020-09-03 07:17:02
Posts: 738
Registered: 2016-03-15 Northern Ohio
@ Tickerguy "I'm not; he wrecked the economy on bullshit." I do not blame Trump for the first 30 days of the lockdown. Not enough was known by anyone at that time. Afterwards the democratic Govenors and the corrupt Public Health organizations share at least equally with Trump in the destruction of the economy going forward. Again we live in a Federal system and the States have probably had a larger role in destroying the economy because the power resides with them.

"Like it or not, he drove the plane into the ground and INSURED a detonation of the federal balance sheet and likely Civil War". This very site has stated many times before the virus that this detonation is essentially Baked in. Civil War? I would submit that the election of Team Blue will embolden the radical left and increase the chances for civil war.

If a vote for either Team Red or Team Blue means were fucked, then not voting doesn't change the fact that we are fucked. My hope is that Team Red gives us less of a chance of a bad outcome or at least a better chance of picking up the pieces.

Fun times.
2020-09-03 07:17:02