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User Info Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive; entered at 2020-09-02 15:58:01
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@Austin -- This bug kills almost nobody, unless you ACTIVELY KILL THEM.

That is for someone to die you have to do ALL of:

1. Do NOTHING and sit back and watch 80+% of their lung capacity be DESTROYED. There are multiple interventions that can mitigate that. BTW in nearly EVERYONE who gets this bug #1 doesn't actually occur -- but in a few people, most of them severely compromised (as was the case with PCP and AIDS), it does.

2. When you detect #1 has occurred (SpO2 starts falling) CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING to interrupt the damage. Specifically, DO NOT test for and treat thrombus that are, with a high probability, in the lungs (the reason gas exchange is impaired) and DO NOT test for and suppress, if found, a cytokine storm.

3. After ALL THAT if the person is unable to fight it off THEN shove a tube down their throat which, WITH LUNGS FULL OF CLOTS AND THUS NOT PLIANT LIKE A NORMAL LUNG is EXTREMELY like to cause barotrauma AND KILL THEM OUTRIGHT through an AGE. Oh by the way, WHO bought tens of thousands of WORTHLESS ventilators?


This is EXACTLY what we did with PCP and AIDS. We KNEW Bactrim worked because that was discovered in 1977 in children with Leukemia, which also trashes the person's immune system. They were getting PCP and dying. We discovered that not only did Bactrim treat PCP it was prophylactic so if you popped up with leukemia after that discovered we gave it to you because PCP is a ******nable bug and will kill you very dead if your immune system is ****ed up -- thus, preventing it from happening was well worth the relatively small risk associated with using Bactrim as a prophylaxis.

Fauci was DIRECTLY involved in blocking that drug from being given to AIDS patients for YEARS -- it was off-patent, CHEAP, and we KNEW it worked. He didn't care; he demanded his "random controlled trials" SPECIFICALLY FOR AIDS PATIENTS and we shoved over 30,000 people into the hole as a result.

THIS bug presents an even more ******nable situation for these *******s because in point of fact it just isn't very deadly, UNLESS you are already pretty ****ed up. In that regard it's much like PCP, in that PCP is ALMOST NEVER diagnosed in a person with a healthy immune system -- oh, the bug is around and like any other bug you can inhale it but in a healthy person it does nothing to you because it is immediately recognized and killed off before it makes you clinically sick.

But if your immune system is ****ed then YOU are the one who is ****ed because is able to destroy your lungs and kills you a HUGE percentage of the time, even with treatment. Untreated in an immune-compromised individual it is almost-invariably fatal.

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2020-09-02 15:58:01