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User Info Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive; entered at 2020-09-02 12:19:26
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@Jw. I remember Ron Paul not allowed to speak at RNC 2012. I was there, on the floor, as a national delegate for him. They did let his son Rand speak. Watch the made-for-TV State-by-State vote announcements and laugh when you see the announced votes don't add up to the delegate slots per State. Nobody was allowed to say "Ron Paul" from a microphone. I tried within the GOP, and they kicked us out. They refused to seat the entire Maine delegation because it was all Ron Paul.

I was a contractor in the Pentagon. Yes, the bureaucracy controls it and the rest of the government. Bureaucracy enabled by well-paid contracting companies ... like your neighbors who work those jobs of eating from the taxpayer trough.
Rumsfeld's September 10 2001 press conference about getting to the bottom of the auditing mess was hopeful. He even put all of the people and papers in one area to get to the bottom of the audit problems. Which part of the Pentagon went up in smoke the next day? Darn, can't do the audit.

I'm still getting involved with my local government. I can meet neighbors and be useful. It can be productive. I understand the truthers who identify with Alex Jones just want to complain, and it is sad to see their energy and frustrations being (in my opinion) useless.

Along they way, I opt out when appropriate. "No thank you". For example I have never been through the TSA full body scans and I have been a 100k flyer. Who else is willing to opt out on this small item? Probably not convenient for the screaming truthers to opt out, while they wear their "come and take it" shirts.

If they have a few live Pres. debates, Trump will destroy Biden. Biden will trip up himself.

More indications of Vitamin D effectiveness:
"another well-documented regulator of RAS is Vitamin D (Vaidya and Williams, 2012) as the liganded Vitamin D receptor (VDR) suppresses REN expression. Patients who are deficient in Vitamin D are at-risk for ARDS in general (Dancer et al., 2015) and Vitamin D deficiencies have recently been associated with severity of illness in COVID-19 patients (Alipio, 2020)."
Author detailsMichael R GarvinOak Ridge National Laboratory, Biosciences Division, Oak Ridge, United States
2020-09-02 12:19:26