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User Info Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive; entered at 2020-09-01 16:52:22
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Does our vote matter?

We live in a world of lies, darkness and lawlessness. The world belongs to Satan,for he is the prince of this world.

Trump lies, obfuscates and keeps us in the dark, he is perfectly ok with lawlessness as long at it favors "his cause". And all the Trupites shout "Hooray for our side".

Bidden has spent a life time selling lawlessness and lies, he lives in darkness and openly admits he wants to steal your livelihood. But the Biddenites yell just as loudly "Hooray for our side".

The only thing that has kept our country and this world going has been The Light and The Truth. And we lost that. Churches now openly advocate for abortion on demand, homosexual "marriage", sexual deviance. And by accepting the debt of our money changers they (the churches) have allowed The Light to be dimmed and The Truth to be muted. They told us "God will forgive", and we believed and parited all day and all night, saying out loud "the consequences don't matter".

So as we enter into possibly America's last presidential election, the Prince of This World says:
(With These)Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive
and openly laughs at us.

We sold our future and our children's future so we could choose between a Fat Fool or Feeble Minded Cretin. Both promise us the only way out of the coming hell is to vote for them. Do you believe in either of these puppets? If so why?

I am not a genetic engineer, billionaire, or anyone of any import, but I do know how to read and mostly do a decent job with my reasoning skills. So I wonder short of Apophis showing up a few years early which of our two likely "saviors" will prevent us from getting Bill Gate's genetically modified mRNA "vaccine" that promises to "cut out" parts of our God given genetic code and replace it with...Well Modified genetic code. Does the Prince of This World REALLY care if it is Fat Man or Dementia Joe? No, because both choices keep us covered in darkness and wrapped in lawlessness, where we will gladly line up to get our yearly RNA altering government approved shot.

The premise of this ticker as I understand it, is: "Does our vote matter?"

Does it?

Chose wisely.
2020-09-01 16:52:22