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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-07-01 20:20:17
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The big question: how many of us are too jaded and no longer cares if it all comes apart?

Right here.

History lesson:

Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create bad times.
Bad times create strong men.

Everything else is just fill in the blanks.

I think we would be in unanimous agreement that we came off good times and now have weak men running the show. Rather than putting it off, let's rip the bandaid off and get the party started. We need really shitty times to create the next generation of strong men.

The Boomer men need to be put out to pasture, as they are the vanguard of weak men. They had the easiest life.

GenX men need to step the fuck up, or join the rest of the Boomer cucks. They could lead the effort.

Millenial men are largely a waste, especially those that grew up in the cities. Rural/military Millennials will probably be good soldiers in the CW2. Most urban Millennial men will curl up in the fetal position as soon as some Iraq war vet shows up and announces he is all out of bubble gum.

Zoomers will be entirely shaped by the 2020+ shitshow. I can see them actually being the willing muscle to enforce the resolution to CW2.

History could be more linear, but human nature is what drives this and is immutable. Thus, history is cyclical.

Bullets or boxcars...your choice.

2020-07-01 20:20:17