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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-30 16:11:27
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Registered: 2019-03-09
Whitehat wrote..
Me thinks that there will be terrorism and it will be attributed to the right-wing/conservatives. In this fashion, the left (communists) can sow fear of the right and then justify their own actions of terrorism and further oppression of the right-wing through the power of the state.
In about ten years we will be in a global war; they are getting things ready to shift. What we seeing now, even if more messy than they wish, is putting everything in place.

False flag shootings/bombings at the protests? A reasonable strategy for pushing the far left to violence. Normally I'd object that we've seen all of this BLM stuff before and it's always failed to galvanize a meaningful force, but given the economic fuse we just lit they may well be ready to play for all of the marbles this time. I don't think there are enough extremists who'd have the guts to start shooting to achieve a traditional color revolution, even with China providing arms and training. However, even a little domestic terrorism could be used to justify martial law, which could be used to force us further into communism, especially if the leadership turns blue. I think that's a more likely path.

There's another way, though. Just wait for the food shortages to hit these same poverty-dense cities, either from the supply chain disruptions or from runaway hyperinflation a few years down the line. Even conservatives will be willing to accept almost any orderly solution if they're starving in these urban shooting galleries for long enough with no other hope. Rural areas will not be so willing to comply with communist solutions, but in this scenario it's conservatives who'd be forced to make the first radical move, either by simply refusing to comply with new laws (secession in effect if not name) or by starting the fight. Far more favorable to the commie cause, and all they have to do is wait and be ready with their solution once the problem and reaction reach critical mass. This method has a much greater danger of getting out of hand, though. Order out of chaos is a difficult trick to pull, and if the social order breaks down too quickly it may become impossible to implement the solutions. They're certainly arrogant enough to think they could do it, but a combination of both methods (martial law first, then starvation) would be safer.

I agree that we'll see a third world war this decade, and that it will lead us into a very different and much darker era. Win or lose, nothing resembling the United States as we know it will come out the other end. The economic collapse and the social unrest will come first, but I'm still not sure in what order. At the moment it looks like both are advancing together, but I remain unconvinced that this current round of riots won't just fizzle out. We'll see what kind of event we get this autumn. Perhaps it's time to bring Iran back into the headlines.
2020-06-30 16:11:27