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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-30 13:54:03
Posts: 442
Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
Marry and reproduce,

Those were all written slogans in the old movie they live!!

As the characters could see their world has been taken over and was run by aliens!

The aliens used the method of subversion!
Appealing to the superficial side of humans, using money, sex and family, it was about keeping the humans calm and willing to to partake!!

In the real world Washington DC seems to do the same!
Creepy isn't it?

They claim that if you are good little boys n girls and work real hard you too will get rewarded for doing what your corporate overlords tell you to do, yes that even includes when your home clocked out!!

Corporations have long ago invaded our homes via if you say anything negative about your work place not even mentioning names they wish to fire people over that!!

I say fuck you, fire me over what I say in my off hours, that means you get throat punched!!

I'm not a PR person, so in my time off if I am still expected to represent the company then I want paid for it!!

I want PR personnels pay rate and I never want to be clocked out!!

Of course that won't happen, it's funny that most of the corporations that fund politicians are also spying on our internet activity to be sure we're not talking about them! While at the same time the Government as a whole is considering laws of censorship when it comes to the internet!

Yes I'm pretty sure the ADL with their latest campaign, the social media advertising boycott will get the attention of DC soon as many of their corporate pals have joined the movement!!

Yes the ADL is behind it, but of course that means even more defacing of America,
But hey if your good and go along with the bullshit, they'll let you work, thus pretending to give you money,so you can hand it right back to them when you consume!!

If you consume enough or perhaps make enough money, perhaps you too can attract a female and have sex, then you'll marry even after you've reproduced!!

If you're not good, well gee golly whiz none of that will happen for you!
No job, no money, no consuming, no mate, no sex and no family!!

Giving a thought somewhere online?? Well your ISP is watching, they sell that info, hummm who else but your employer or new employer would give a rats ass where you've been online??

Just like the movie they live, we're being micro managed! Hey hog shit and hallelujah we got the danger of germ warfare, buy plastic and duct tape says George Bush jr.!!

The economy is fine, it's great, shop till ya drop says Bush jr.!

The same lines of shit has been repeated now a days only slightly different!
Wear a mask that does nothing, can't come in this store without a mask!
We laughed at Bush over duct tape yet no one's laughing at the CDC over the mask propaganda!!

You have the right to remain silent
(like we prefer you to)
Everything can and will be used against you as a distraction!
If you are in need of a constitutional lawyer forget it, as they cost too much instead a crappy still over paid Government schlub will be appointed to do nothing more than take you through the motions of the Court!
You are guilty until proven innocent you will most likely go to jail for whatever charges we've drummed up, mostly speaking against the government and or it's corporate pals!

Something very very close to that predicted set of Miranda Rights is coming very very soon if we don't make a stand!!
2020-06-30 13:54:03