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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-30 12:59:12
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Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
Or one major point everyone should consider is that the voter turnout has actually been in one hell of a steady decline over the years!

Yeah I mean if we just take that on a 20-year scale, there hasn't really been anything super exciting in terms of the numbers of the actual voting population getting out there!

I heard a few different figures! but one of them that seems to be pretty steady about the 2016 election voter turnout was that, it was only 26% of the entire voting population went out and voted!!

so basically that's 26% of the voting population, split between two major candidates and then across third-party candidates!

So another words, it's kind of like almost no one voted!

I've said it before on this forum and I will say it again...

this whole situation is very very reminiscent of the 1992 George Bush re-election campaign!!

George Bush Senior Marched through the summer with 80-plus percent approval, it was right up at the last minute he had those approval numbers, but then everyone realized and happened to remember that, this is the guy who made a dirty deal with the Democrats, who fucked us in the ass on taxes that he was supposed to be against, and then his numbers went in the toilet then you ended up with Billy Bob Clinton for president!

Of course you have naysayers of that, wanting to this day to still blame Ross Perot for splitting the vote the reality is much more grim than that!!

the reality of it was as many folks basically just stayed home, they didn't want Billy Bob Clinton and they certainly didn't want Bush senior who fucked them in the ass once!!

so actually my myself I believe come November we could see a repeat of 1992 play out! I have no idea what the voter turnouts going to be, but if I had to guess I would say you know, we're in danger of seeing low, low numbers like 18 to 23% of the voting population turns out and that's just being conservative!!

I mean what if it turns out to be only 10 to 15% of the voting population actually shows up and votes??

So it's understandable why people think that they have to go partake, because you know what if there's a good chance that most of these politicians want a real low voter turnout? right I mean it would be so much easier to control the people that vote! It may increase your chances chances of winning! Via you'd be able to better control the situation, it's easier to control a small group of people then it would be to control a big group of people!

Of Course there is a situation to where Biden could easily just be a ringer! I mean I technically believe that Hillary was a ringer, come on she ran what starting in 2006 and then got promised a cabinet post, so then she gave up her bid for president to Obama, though it was stated that no one on her own side even wanted her!!

And then of course her 2015-2016 bid for president yeah I know, no one still know one really wanted her, so a lot of folks on the Democrat side stayed home and or they voted for some third-party arrangements, meanwhile the Republicans went hog fucking wild and voted for Trump even though it was only a 26% voter turnout across the board!!

bottom line is, that everybody keeps continuously talking about the deep State deep State oh my God the deep state! well that's very interesting as I'm sorry to say he (Trump) too is deep state!!

Hillary was never meant to actually win nobody, wanted her everybody knows that! that's why she was a ringer cuz nobody really knew jackshit about Donald Trump but of course we knew that we certainly didn't want her!!

I mean, I suppose we could come up with another theory, it just happens to be that oh I have one!

so let's say that Hillary got caught with her hands in the proverbial cookie jar known as the deep State, via maybe behind the scenes she tried a coup, she tried to take over!!

she got busted, but of course her punishment wasn't death, no the clintons are too useful, her punishment was to run as a ringer against Donald Trump and there was still a possibility that she could win even though, she wasn't really meant to win!!

And then of course to keep up appearances she throws a huge fit, looks like a stupid bitch blah blah blah after the election right? even though during the election she never bothered to campaign in a lot of States, particularly in the midwest Wisconsin being one of them!!

Hey it's just a theory! I tell you what, I ain't seen nobody yet they could prove it wrong!

Bottom line is, is that it's all Kabuki theater! it's all a shitshow, a clown show whatever you care to call it but it's nonsense! it's a song and a dance politics has literally become entertainment, and not necessarily to discuss the welfare and well-being of the nation and its people!!

We have taken one of the greatest freedom's, rights and society and flushed it down the fucking toilet by making it a shity reality TV show!

our ancestors gave us one hell of a gift here, and that gift was the right to blab amongst ourselves about the fucking direction of the nation, that we could get together on a national scale and air our grievances and we could reach conclusions!
for once the people actually was in charge of the government and we've pissed it all away, of course it starts under the leadership of a lot of our recent ancestors!

Basically folks my great-grandparent's age group given that I'm 35 so those that were around to vote for FDR thank you very much for lighting the fuse!!

My grandparent's age group who came back from WW2, decided the government was their buddy, and above all they need to go duck n cover and allow the government to blow money hand-over-fist because you're extremely scared and polarized about the Cold war!! Thanks to them for setting off the first charge that blew out a large portion of our society!
yeah part of their tactics was to use your job and your family life as a distraction, for what the government was doing and if you bother to call anything out you could very well be labeled a communist, yeah sounds like people were real fucking free in the 50s right??

I don't think people fully understand that the so-called middle-class lifestyle has actually served as a political foundation, while at the same time it also serves as a huge distraction for the population!

I don't think people fully understand that they only merely allowed the middle-class to exist!

it is true that you go to work to earn your pay, but overall where do you think that pay comes from? it comes out of giant corporate coffers, comes out of some business somewhere! (That is lobbying and controls those you vote for)!

is it generally speaking the wealthy types that are making the decisions in your local area and nationally, they're making lots of decisions and they're lobbying for all kinds of decisions all the time!

in other words you are working for the machine your well-being, your living comes from them you live off off them, when they decide they don't want you around anymore the first thing they do is fire your ass, and then everything that you claim to own based on that job, that they provided you with is immediately taken away, the car gets repossessed if you don't own it,
your house is gone regardless because hey even if you paid the bank off you're still going to have to pay those taxes I don't think people fully understand, that there really is no such thing as you're completely on your own and free, perhaps they're starting to understand it and this accounts for why people are losing interest in the nonsensical system, this is why the nonsensical system has to come up with even more entertaining bullshit to keep you tuned in to keep you interested!!

2020-06-30 12:59:12