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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-30 11:47:39
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@Winder -
Masks first step. Im shocked at the level of fear generated by this and the compliance of the masses. And Im in Texas.Next is the vaccine. No vaccine card, no travel, no groceries, no money. Getting SS? Not til you have proof of inoculation.

This is precisely the argument that calls for an immediate revolution. And not a peaceful one either.

Stop making it or you're responsible when it happens, because it will.

There are plenty of people who, if they believe that may or will happen, will choose to kill every politician they believe is responsible, after making them watch them rape their wife and eat their children. Some of them will get VERY preemptive about it as well.

Think I'm wrong? YOU'RE wrong. This EXACT line of political argument has happened before and that's where it has led.


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2020-06-30 11:47:39