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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-29 14:45:33
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Registered: 2014-09-24 SW Ohio
It isn't just Trump.

The entire government is corrupt as hell. For many decades...

This Ticker could be the basis of a Declaration of Independence were we not lacking the gumption of our revolutionary ancestors.

I am ashamed of myself and my fellow Americans for not stopping the *garbage* when doing such would have been a relative cakewalk compared to attempting rebellion now.

I think I did more than most, yet I fell miserably short. Let me explain.

My crusade was in regard to looking at a 300 billion per year defense budget aimed at thwarting our then primary adversary-the Soviet Union, and observing American businessmen tripping and falling over themselves trying to sell the USSR machinery and technology considered dual-use, that could be used for commercial as well as military purposes.

Through FOIA attempts to get information such as lists of businesses and the items they want to sell to the USSR that fell under possible export restrictions, I found that our government classified this information as top secret due to national security considerations...

Seriously? The Soviets certainly knew for what and from whom they were issuing purchase orders, as did the -patriotic- businessmen greedily accepting the POs, as did our government agencies tasked with protecting critical military technologies from falling into enemy hands. An interested American taxpayer-me-just could not be permitted this information.

One of the worst examples was selling the USSR the precision ball bearing grinders that were essential for mass production of miniature ball bearings used in guidance systems (I would assume such devices are now digital) for nuclear warheads, specifically multiple independent re-entry vehicles (MIRV).

It was a critical and decisive breakthrough to have the capability to have not just one nuke warhead atop a rocket, but 16 or 18 warheads each able to be separately and specifically targeted.

Despite congressional testimony from miniature ball bearing manufacturers that 80% of the production of these bearings by American firms possessing the grinders (Bryant Centalign Model B) went to American defense purposes, the sale of the precision bearing grinders was allowed despite Defense Department objections.

Insanity, fucking insanity.

So, for many years in the 80s and early 90s a vacation visit to the Eastern shore included several days in Wash. D.C. in which I pleaded the case to mostly deaf ears on capitol hill.

1992 brought an end to vacations when renting changed to house payments, so I crusaded through the mail, FOIA, and phone calls. I tried (but not nearly hard enough) and accomplished nothing and eventually shifted gears in another direction and focused on running the family business. I never lost interest and devoured as much information as I could but never saw a serious practical solution to the core problem of citizen disinterest in varied government bone-you-up-the-butt nonsense, so I sort of became a designated observer, though the reality was that pitchforks and torches were in order...but I was always told that was too radical. Corruption continued to rule the day as new normal passed to new normal, and now we have the new ab-normal.

Now, it would be a herculin task to merely list the myriad governmental absurdities that abound. We have and continue to repeat the Soviet dual-use fiasco with the Communist Chinese, we seem to have perpetual military involvement where we accomplish nothing, the direction of things was off the rails before the Plandemic and now we appear on the verge of serious societal breakdown, overseen by a total failure of a government that we all share some measure of blame for.

Seems that all that is lacking at this point is what history will record was The triggering event...

Society and civilization are the thinnest of veneers...
2020-06-29 14:45:33