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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-29 12:57:22
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Registered: 2013-09-12
@Zappafan: Yes, I give him credit for the H1B. As a migrant here myself, I came through the proper channel and follow the alien card process to education and citizenship. I work in semiconductor and I can tell you, MOST entry level hires with masters in either Comp eng, or ELEE: ASIA, mainly India. These are 6 figure jobs and I can't tell when I saw substantial American(a few did get hired) get hired. I started to wonder if Americans stop studying math and engineering.
The truth is the high tech field will land you within top 5% of all wage earners in this country after 10-20 years in thew field, if you stick with it and give it your best effort. With these outcomes, I was expecting to see more US citizens in this path. The US citizens on this track now are those of foreign born parents. My son is one of them and most of his peers are of Asian parents, many of who came here for masters and remain on H1B.

Since Trump seems to be a 1 term POTUS, his H1B will likely last until December.
2020-06-29 12:57:22