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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-29 12:35:21
Posts: 1036
Registered: 2017-05-03 The South
@greenacr, there willnever be gun confiscation. What there will be is loss of livelihood. As in, your employer gets a list of gun owners who work there, and the At Will employment you voted for means they shitcan you for no stated reason. Or, your bank account or credit card gets turned off for some mysterious reason. Or, your child gets denied his or her college application. Or, your wife's breast cancer removal keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list.

We are not living in a martial society anymore. This is a data society. You and I will be conquered by data, not arms. Your guns will continue to collect dust while your livelihood is destroyed bit by bit.
2020-06-29 12:35:21