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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-29 12:12:29
Posts: 253
Registered: 2014-09-24 SW Ohio
Damn I'm glad to be retired, and old...

Dad is more fortunate to be much older, 90+, and may luck out and not see the end of this country, though the end may have already occurred...

We have-and continue to, right up to this very minute-brought all this on ourselves, stacking and piling up assets and material things while being entertained 24/7, meanwhile, everything...every-****ing-thing gradually creeped along towards total thorough corruption.

We eagerly accepted critical thinking-any actual thinking-being replaced with emotionalism.

Now it looks like we are in eat-the-consequences-time now, and it's a real **** sandwich...

It may not matter *who* is elected/selected in November to pilot this Titanic of a country...
2020-06-29 12:12:29