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User Info You Must Like Your Daily Sex; entered at 2020-05-18 14:44:55
Posts: 16
Registered: 2019-05-13 Omaha, NE
So went to Wallyworld today to exchange a couple pairs of shorts that were too big for my daughter. Walk through the front door and the dept manager standing there asked if it was return or exchange, told her exchange and she said go ahead to counter. Get up there after waiting for 5 min and she proceeds to tell me they are no longer accepting returns/exchanges of clothing until "this" is over. I honestly thought it was a joke until I realize its not. I'm furious as I walk out and tell the dept manager about it and she looks at her little list on the wall and it apparently says clothing (she clearly did not know about this little rule change). She was surprised....

She walks in with me to another manager inside the door and that manager said yes it came from "corporate" and they can't do anything until this is over. I ask "so over could mean never right??" "Yet I can return a plastic toy?? But not clothing?" I was fuming and I could see in her eyse she knew that it's all total BS. Pure deception where I'm buying something that normally is returnable and there are no signs or notices (other than going to their corp website and digging for it) to tell me there is no chance in H#LL that I can return things that pose no more risk than me flatly walking into a store.

I'm tempted now just to go in and grab the exchange items, walk up to the counter and when they tell me again that I can't do that, I just happen to leave the wrong sized apparel on the table and walk out with what I need. Ooops my mistake, mixed them up.
2020-05-18 14:44:55