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User Info You Must Like Your Daily Sex; entered at 2020-05-18 11:39:57
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Quick story...I was at 2 grocery stores yesterday and all the aisles were full of food. I was expecting the meat shortages to show up by now, but literally the meat shelves were full. Only TP was missing -- you would think this COVID was a food poisoning disease.

Also, in one of the stores I walked in and after getting a quick stare from another customer, I realized that I had forgotten my mask in the car. Didn't want to have problems (since masks are required in grocery stores in LA), so I went back to my car and got one. (Also forgot a week before, but just finished shopping and no one said a thing -- not even the cashier when checking out.) However, I'm thinking that next time I'm just going to intentionally walk in, shop and check out just as I used to as I tend to think about half of the shoppers agree the masks are useless and silly, but they just need a catalyst / leader to take the first steps.

My point is that Americans should have never bought this brainwashing, but they did and although I would love and prefer if things went back to the old normal overnight, the masses will need baby steps and every little thing we can do to disrupt the narrative and propaganda will take us there.

So unless I'm stopped at the door by a security guard and specifically told that I can't enter without a mask, I will not be wearing them when entering and will just mind my business as if not wearing the mask, always was and still is the same normal.

Last, back to TP. Because the TP is always gone, and there's no possible way to store that much in our homes, and I never see people leaving the store with TP, I've come to the conclusion that the only reason for the TP shortage is because they're blocking it from even being distributed to the stores in any normal quantities in order to create the panic. Would love to ask a store general manager for confirmation, but I'm sure they've been told months ago to deny that the distribution is the issue.

Anyway, I'll be maskless (naked face)...hoping others get on board like Ugrev here did.
2020-05-18 11:39:57