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User Info We Must Run This To The Ground; entered at 2020-05-16 19:21:49
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Ihsmta wrote..
The Chinese do so many things better than the USA; corruption, graft, arrogance, lawless banking, debt issuance, money printing, and malinvestment of capital . . .
The truth of that statement is very much in question, IMO.
Ee4fire wrote..
The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has no ethics. They believe in the power of the state and not of the people. . . The business leaders who play the game with the CCP are themselves being enriched by the CCP. However, the CCP is also stealing from them but they don't care because they themselves are being enriched.
Replace CCP with Democrat Party or Republican Party and everything quoted is still absolutely true.

IMO, the issue is not simply China and/or the CCP. The real problem is the synergy that exists with China/CCP and the governing system of the US and most other "advanced" nations. (This "governing system" should be seen as the intertwining of politics, business, and money/finance.)

Without the active co-operation and support of other nations, China would barely be simply a regional power. While in some sense, a large population is a source of national strength, China is well beyond the point that it has become a detriment. Without the external economic support it receives, it would have its hands full simply feeding (and thus being able to control) its population. It is economic surplus that allows any nation to successfully extend its economic, political, and/or military reach outside its borders.

It is WE who have enabled China to have such a surplus and thus a wide international reach - a perfect illustration of the paraphrased aphorism spuriously attributed to Lenin: WE have provided (and continue to provide) the rope with which they intend to hang us.
2020-05-16 19:21:49