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2020-04-04 14:12 by Karl Denninger
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Burn The Governments To The Ground*
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Oh, so the city, county or state issued an "Executive Order" that took your property rights?

You own a hotel or rental, and can't rent it?

You own a business but are barred from operating it?

Well, they can probably do that.  Maybe.  When it comes to individuals issuing a quarantine order against a person who is proved to be a carrier or infected with a disease that is contact-transmissible yes, they can do that under long-standing public health authority.

Forced vaccination has also been upheld too (cowpox during the time of smallpox.)

But forced "stay at home" orders -- not suggestions, but actual enforceable orders for those who are not infected is another matter.  Those are likely not Constitutional as they implicate a whole host of Constitutional Rights extending all the way to false imprisonment, which is a serious felony offense.

Nonetheless unless someone is willing to shoot them.... well, there you have it.  We've long lost what this nation had in 1776. and I note that nobody has even filed for an injunction yet, which is shocking to be honest.  There is exactly one time that the government can suspend your Constitutional Liberties under habaes corpus and that is during a time of war or rebellion.  A pandemic is neither and the right to personal travel -- not for commercial purpose, but for personal reasons -- is a long-recognized fundamental liberty.

But when it comes to businesses yes, they can order a business closed.

Unfortunately what they can't do is evade the Constitution's provision on taking for public purpose found in the 5th Amendment; those are fundamental Constitutional rights.  If your private property is "taken" for public purpose you have to be paid the just market value of said taking in each and every instance.

They can take your land to build a firehouse, but they have to pay you for it at its fair market value.

A "closure order" for public health reaosns is a taking and by definition it is for a public purpose.

So sue the living **** out all of them.

Specifically, you have the following right to compensation:

1. An immediate pro-rata property tax abatement for the entire period during which the "best and highest use", which is the entire foundation of their tax assessment, that has been impounded for public purpose.

2. All of the mortgage, depreciation and similar expense you incurred without offsetting revenue due to the taking, which again was imposed for public purpose.

File these suits now.  Bankrupt every single county and city involved in this crap.

This will monkey-hammer the Sheriff's Office, as they get the vast majority of ad-valorem taxes in a given county that are not school-specific.  It will also rat**** the teachers and other civil servants since school taxes are a huge part of the property tax bill for both residential and commercial property who are out there cheering on your destruction.

Folks, these people think they're Gods. Nope.  The Constitution gives you plenty of remedy to shove this so far up your County Commission's ass they'll taste it.

Further, in your complaint, seek an injunctive lien against all assets of the city and county until you are paid in full since it is obvious that this taking implicates every single commercial property in your jurisdiction and without such a lien it would be entirely reasonable to believe said city or county would not be able to pay said judgment as they will be rendered insolvent and unable to raise the revenue, as every commercial business has a similar claim.  That will cut off their borrowing capacity from anywhere in the public markets instantly since any such borrowing will be subordinate to that lien.  Nobody will lend your city or county one nickel until that's resolved without a monstrous penalty rate of interest.

Bankrupt them all -- right now.

These folks want to do unreasonable things?  There are weapons with which you can fight back without resorting to the cartridge box.

Use them.

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