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User Info Wanna Die?; entered at 2020-02-25 15:34:26
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Mangymutt -- i agree with you 100%. for some crazy reason, maybe because it is how my family mostly ate and me being hardcore since the early 90s, even when i go off and break the cycle, going back feels so good. if it makes any sense to say it this way, my body actually feels bad when i am breaking the HFLC rules at the time. it is like you know that you are ****ting on yourself in real time. even that initial fat adaptation phase which is uncomfortable is not so bad, almost cleansing. done it a few times, recently was probably really depressed (carbs are like a magnet for depressed people), and it is like coming home in a good way.

perhaps after people do it for a long time, there is less temptation or at least the transgressions are shorter and not so severe. it also helps if one has skin that instantly lets you know that you just did something really bad and the punishment is nasty, painful welts that take forever to heal.
2020-02-25 15:34:26