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User Info Wanna Die?; entered at 2020-02-25 14:16:31
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<I>So what they suggest is 65% carbs, 20% protien, and 15% fat. Its no wonder why people can't lose weight. Not only are they addicted to the wrong types of food, the medical industry accommodates it hook line and sinker.</I><BR><BR>
Wife is pre diabetic (genetic, not weight). Her doc said the same, and the numbers kept climbing. Bought a smoker, and she lost 10 pounds and brought the A1C down (I still need to cut out more sugar!).

Doc was PISSED. Said that she was killing her kidneys by eating to much fat/protein, and that if she continued, doc would not treat her.

So we are looking for another doc.
2020-02-25 14:16:31