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re: SI pic posted by Goforbroke

Serious question: Are the owners/editors of SI insane or stupid or both???

I don't want to get into how unhealthy that is (others have covered that better than I could). However, I, and I assume most males (who constitute the primary readership for SI), feel repulsed by the beached whale in the pic. Having such a pic in the magazine is probably self-affirming for the woman, makes her feel good about herself, etc. However, from a business perspective, SI should be concentrating on the interests, desires, feelings, etc. of their readers, NOT the feelings of a particular fat, ugly "model".

I have to believe that any effect on circulation (and profits) due to inclusion of fat, ugly women is strongly negative. Once again, it seems as if mainstream business entities are willing to sacrifice the financial interests of the business on the altar of SJWism.

What gives? Why are business people making such decisions? Why aren't shareholders up in arms about these things?
2020-02-25 13:06:37