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User Info Wanna Die?; entered at 2020-02-25 12:56:13
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i can't begin to tell you how many conditions are improved by going high fat and basically eliminating all white carbs. the only good carb is one that is in a green vegetable.

high fat has curative effects and is even documented as completely controlling severe epilepsy as in off all meds and no more near constant seizures. i am convinced that with athletes who are suffering from head injury effects in later life it is partially due to the body's ability to heal neurological damage being compromised by lack of fat based compounds. a lot of athletes in these professions are rather obese looking unlike in the past, wonder why, and they could have the vascular disease as a precursor to mini stroke and other brain circulation issues. let's not not forget that diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions are precursors to dementia diseases, and that the brain needs ketones for its metabolic processes and neurotransmitters.

actually one of the reasons that i am cautious concerning marijuana as a medicine for these and other conditions. if it is an analgesic, it might keep one from finding an actual cure or effective mitigation. treating symptoms only is a big problem in medicine. just got a friend with MS off the weed thing and used high fat with other compliments to get her off major doses of pharma. she was always trying to get me to try weed for my issues. can't, federal license stuff. used it as a way to open the conversation.

in a nutshell fat is good for you and can heal the body. we have a people who are essentially starving. i think that it is worse for women. under the carb based diet, they have to starve themselves to have a proper figure. low fat deprives them of hormone building blocks leading to mental misery. then after their prime years they just give in as they cannot take it anymore. no woman that i know on low carb since youth ever got fat in middle to later years.
2020-02-25 12:56:13