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User Info Wanna Die?; entered at 2020-02-25 12:18:06
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Look Forks - Nuetra-System, Slym-Fat, and a whole host, no an entire billion dollar industry, will sell to you what Karl just said. The big difference is you get to Buy their books, or products. Karl's information is free. They will sell you a meal plan, Karl's you get for free. They will sell you a tracking program, Karl's you get for free.

If you do manage to lose weight using a store bought program, your insurance company will NOT give you any breaks on your deductible, co-pay or yearly costs. They do NOT care if you get more healthy, in fact they WANT you sick, overweight and in poor health.

If you do manage to improve your health using an industry produced weight loss program, there is a good chance your doctor will question the results and it is not because he/she cares about you individually.

If, (Sad to say) more likely When you fail the off the self, pre-package program and start gaining the weight again and becoming more sedentary again the company that sold you the program won't care about how you are doing, but they will care about selling you more of their product.

You take Karl's above wisdom and diligently incorporate it into your life. Karl makes how much?????? Yea Zero!

If you do your own homework and figure out exactly what he means by "Stop Eating Carbs" and you are able to implement it in your life for 2-3 weeks, just enuff time(Depending on your health level) to start noticing a difference, but end up going to Aunt Sally's Birthday party where you consume half a chocolate cake. It's on YOU to over come that derailment. Next time you might make it a couple months, just enuff time (Again depending on your health level) for others to start truly noticing that you look, sound and act more healthy. However you get derailed again and order a pint of every flavor ice-cream from Baskin's and Robbin and eat it all. It is up to YOU to put that in your rear view mirror and continue down the right path for YOUR health.

Life is life, obstetrical come, and we are hit with trials and we live in America, where it is way too easy to drown our sorrows in fast carbs. But High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)is all but indistinguishable to your body then alcohol, you just wont get drunk. This means your body, does and will crave if. It means your brain and your mind will make any excuse, tell any lie it can to you and others to get it into your body.

The food industry knows this, the insurance industry knows this, the doctoring industry knows this and most certainly the Diet Industry knows this. But their financial health is based upon you choosing to be fat, unhealthy and miserable. They want your money and the best way for them to steal it, is to steal your health, so that you are dependent on them.

Much of the pathway Karl is pointing folks to, can be found for free on the internet or a few dollars at a book store, and exactly how much of those proceeds end up in Karl's pocket? Yea, Zero!

We grow up know "Nothing is for free" so it goes against our nature to think someone would stand diligently and tirelessly, by a pathway, saying: "Your health, your well being, your children's future is down this path" And doing it for FREE!!!

Sadly many will not stop to do their own due diligence, but will be happy to rely on the information being sold to them.

A couple months ago I was at Walmart, pushing my cart, when an older obese lady who was riding in an electric cart, comes from a different isles, puts up her hand in a stopping motion so that she could cut off my rightful path way. When she was directly in front of me, I told her I wish I could be fat like her, so that I had the right to be rude like her (Thanks to Karl and the other posters here that have not only given me the courage to call out this type of behavior, but more importantly letting me KNOW I am right in doing so.) The look of disgust and indignation on that woman's face was priceless.

Being over weight is mostly a choice, being obesely fat is ALWAYS a choice. Destroying your knees, hips and mind because you over eat is a choice. If you are mostly the size and weight Nature (God) intended, you would not strap on a 15 pound bowling ball to walk around with it every day, so if you are 20-40-100 or more pounds over weight, why would you choose to carry around all those bowling balls?

All you have to do is be willing to read for yourself and decide you want a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Karl's insight if free, so are the multitude of actual resource on how to get carbs out of your life. No one is saying the first steps will be fun or easy, but once you gain your health back it WILL be worth the effort. Or you can stay a slave to they system.

FYI - Karl's Free Meal Plan is called Do your own research. Karl's Free Tracking Program is call Will Power. Both will make YOU a better person.
2020-02-25 12:18:06